Worldprofit Inc. Website Hosting Services. Question and Answers

Worldprofit Inc., has been hosting websites since 1994. We started as a hosting company and have grown over the years to be one of the largest hosting providers in Western Canada. From hosting, we became software developers, and from there we found our most rewarding service provision, that of training and support of our Members around the world.

We know that growing your own successful online business starts with having your own domain name and your own hosted website. From there you GROW and build your online business and we help you every step of the way. Worldprofit is a training, software and support company so when your website is set up the fun begins and you are off to a good start. We then teach you how to grow your business and provide you with the tools and resources to build it successfully.

We get a lot of questions about our hosting and training so we are sharing a few of the most commonly asked questions we hear in our Support Department.

Q: Is website hosting included with my Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership?

A: Yes hosting is included in both the Silver and our Platinum VIP Membership, we do all the set up for you at no extra cost.
We even set up your customizable website for you. You can use one of our domain names or your own domain name, it’s up to you.
Register the domain name you wish to use at the registrar of your choice, or use Worldprofit’s Domain Name Registration service.

Q: Once you set up my website and hosting can I make changes to the website design?

Answer: Yes, your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership includes a Website Management System so Members can easily integrate all your social media, add affiliate links, banners, pages etc. Easily change it as often as you like, no technical or design skills required. Make it completely your own site, unique to you and your needs. The website we provide is compatible with mobile, tablet, PC and is search engine friendly to the most current industry standards.

Q: I don’t have anywhere to store my images and ebooks. When I try to load them they appear as a broken image so the power of my advertising is lost. Can Worldprofit help me with that?

Answer: Yes, Worldprofit offers an unlimited image storing service. You can store images for your ebooks (PDFS) or for your banners (Gif and JPeg). We offer this service exclusively to our Silver and Platinum VIP Members at no cost. This is helpful as some services like DropBox will not allow public viewing of your images so when you try to post them the images appear broken, and yes this reduces the power of your advertising.

Q: When I login to Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center I see a person on the screen. Is that a real person or a video? Can they see me?

Answer: Worldprofit has a 24 HOUR LIVE Business Center that allows our Members to SEE and chat LIVE with one of our Representatives. You can ask questions and chat with that person by typing out questions. They can’t see you, you can only SEE them. If you turn up the sound on your phone, tablet or PC you can HEAR them as well as see them. If you don’t want the LIVE Business Center on, you can turn it OFF at any time using the OFF link near the chat window.

Q: What’s the difference between Worldprofit’s free Associate Membership and the upgraded Silver Membership?

Answer: LOTS!
The easiest way to learn the differences is to watch the Silver Membership Video. It’s brief and gives you all the details you need to see the value of upgrading from a free Associate membership to a paid Silver Membership. In a nutshell, the Silver membership is a complete and comprehensive online business package complete with hosted website, real traffic, unique software, list builders, an online training program with self-paced lessons as well as LIVE interactive weekly training. Importantly you enjoy SUPPORT and HELP to grow your business, 7 days a week, 365 Days a Year. Finally, Silver members earn far more commission – 20 – 100% commission for sales referrals of Worldprofit’s hosting and membership packages. So you can earn by referring sales to Worldprofit, or by promoting our recommended vendors, OR by using the tools, traffic and included software to promote and grow your OWN affiliate programs.

Question: I am a free Worldprofit Associate member. I need help learning how to make money as an Affiliate marketer.
Can Worldprofit help me with that?

Answer: Yes, Worldprofit specializes in training for affiliate marketers all over the world. Our comprehensive Silver Membership is a complete business package for Affiliate Marketers that includes domain based website hosting, traffic tools, specialized software, list builders, newsletter, leads, and most importantly training and support. Worldprofit’s online bootcamp training lessons are go at your own pace, include easy help videos, and we compliment that with LIVE interactive training every week. In the LIVE training sessions you can ask questions and get demonstrations, it’s all broadcast online so you can see and hear what to do to grow your own online business. Worldprofit’s training system is as effective for newbies as it is for more experienced affiliate marketers. Worldprofit was one of the first companies to offer an affiliate marketing system, nearly 25 years ago now, people have come to know and trust Worldprofit as the home business experts for all things pertaining to growing an online business.

Question: I have tried other training programs and failed, why is Worldprofit’s training any different?

Answer: 25 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry is what has earned Worldprofit a solid, respected reputation and set Worldprofit head and shoulders above any others. Worldprofit co-founders, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter are pioneers in this industry, the internet as you know it today didn’t exist when Worldprofit started as company back in 1994 on a kitchen table. Working with first hand knowledge, we recognized a need in the industry, and built our own software and marketing system – a platform that is universally effective for ALL affiliate marketing. Our training program is based on our own hands-on experiences learning for ourselves what works and what doesn’t. We packaged everything we knew a marketer needs to make money online into our all inclusive Silver Membership. We knew people needed a lot more then just gadgets, gizmos and cool software to make money online, they needed a proven system AND help and support 365 days a year. Despite what some will try to tell you, it’s not easy to grow an online business. At Worldprofit we back everything we build and sell with our iron clad guarantee that we are there to help you grow your own successful online business NOW and for years to come. We provide our Silver Members with a unique system that’s been proven to work year after year after year, along with website hosting, practical tools, and the support and detailed training to achieve your goals. We succeed when our Members succeed and that truism has made Worldprofit one of the oldest .com companies in existence today. Help not HYPE is what people have come to expect from Worldprofit. We specialize in focused training and base our entire system on creating and supporting business owners – not biz oppers – there’s a big difference. We are proud to say we have Members now who’ve been loyal to Worldprofit since the day we opened for business – this is just one of the most powerful reasons Worldprofit is not like any other training company – no one else offers what we do.

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