Review of Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch May 13, 2011

Today‚Äôs Home Business Bootcamp Training was all about going back to basics.  George focused on helping new Members understand the Worldprofit home business system complete with diagrams and examples. He spent time displaying on screen, how and why to promote the Landing pages and to which places to get results.  Recognizing that many people are new to building an online business so he devoted time to explaining terms, safelists, traffic exchanges, advertising, and the process and purpose of signing up Associate members.  The overview was to give new Member’s a clear picture of what we are teaching and why. Following the Beginner’s session of the training, George answered questions on a number of topics in his down-to -earth direct manner with some amusing analogies.  

The Advanced Training session followed the Basic Training, and the focus today was on promoting ClickBank and the Money Maker products.   For those members who have graduated from the Bootcamp Training to earn the status of CEC (Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant), you are interested in additional streams of income from ClickBank and the other products in the Money Maker’s program.  Specifically George explained and demonstrated the Money Makers Promo Kit and the ClickBank Promo Kit.  Worldprofit offers a number of ways for Members to earn money online and also tools, resources and software to easily promote in-demand hand-selected products.   The ClickBank Promo Kit is exclusive to Worldprofit and provides an easy way to promote those products and is included in the Silver membership.   George provided participants with a demonstration.  George then went on to demonstrate the Money Makers’s Promo Kit which is yet another source of income that Member’s can benefit from.  The Money Maker’s Promo Kit, are specially-selected fantastic products that we’ve made available for easy promotion using automated systems.   Knowing what products to sell can be overwhelming, and then promoting the products can be time-consuming. The Money Maker’s Promo Kit allows you to know what to sell then makes it super-easy for you to promote them.  Questions were answered following the session and bringing the training to a close.   

A variety of  basic and advanced topics were covered in detail today, if you missed the program, watch the recorded version posted to the Worldprofit member area.

George Kosch is both the Bootcamp Instructor and the Technical Director at Worldprofit Inc, since 1994.

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