Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 4 January 2019

Recap: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday Jan 4, 2019.

Congratulations to Italia Elze for being the TOP Seller for the YEAR 2018!
And to EVERY PERSON who made sales over the last year, WELL done!
It all starts with one sale. How do you get that first sale? By following the online bootcamp lessons!

So let’s dig right into this week’s LIVE training with your personal coach, and instructor, and the CEO of Worldprofit, George Kosch. George isn’t your typical CEO he’s available every day to help YOU grow YOUR online business providing tools, training, software and resources all in your Membership. The LIVE weekly training is your opportunity to ask questions direct to George, get instant answers, follow up questions and demonstrations for anything you need help with.

Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center and our Monitor Team.
What it is and how it works for YOU our Members to help you make sales. It’s unique, universal and only available at Worldprofit.
How to get trained to be a Monitor to enjoy some valuable perks, free traffic and cash bonuses. Submit a ticket and ask for details.

Featured Worldprofit Tools and Recommended Resources
George shared some resources to help you organize your online business and speed up your promotion
Prospect Manager Software – organize and follow up with your leads
Email Commander (Certified Email Delivery to get your emails into the INBOX)
Call Loop
Reminder Service

Bootcamp Training Topics

  • What to DO if you are a NEW Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member.
  • The online bootcamp lessons, get started as soon as possible. Go at your own pace. Learn each day.
  • How activate your Membership BONUSES!
  • Leads and List Building Essentials are the backbone of all the services, resources and tools in your Member area and is the foundation of your online business. You can’t build a house without a solid foundation and specialized tools, the same is true of your online business. Worldprofit provides the foundation you need to build it right from day one, saving you frustration, less wasted time and money. Worldprofit’s centralized Member area is your ONE STOP stop source for all the tools, resources you need to grow your own online business now and for YEARS to come.
  • Questions are encouraged throughout the training. Get instant answers to save yourself time, money and frustration so you can focus on what will yield the BEST results for growing your online business.


  • NEW! Worldprofit’s Classified Ad System – ready now – you get both a plugin for your site AND can post UNLIMITED ads.
  • What it is and how to use it
  • Customization Features – change your main page image, the title etc tio make your site unique.
  • How you benefit (leads, sign ups, list building, traffic, promotion, sales conversions, SEO, and more)
  • How to get this system activated on your Worldprofit domain hosted Silver/Platinum VIP website
  • How to start posting your own UNLIMITED Classifieds Ads.

Each and every Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Member gets this Classified Ad System installed on your site at NO cost
our gift to you for your ongoing support of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer.

Worldprofit’s Universal Rotator – making your promotion sooooo much easier
Use this clever tool to bundle ALL your affiliate links into one URL. Now you can promote all your links with just ONE URL with Worldprofit’s Universal Rotator. Makes promotion so much easier, allows you to promote YOUR OWN URL (not someone else), allows you to test your promotion.
Access: Left Menu, select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then select UNIVERSAL ROTATOR


UPGRADED Traffic Injections!
As promised last week, we’ve now INCREASED the inclusions in the MONTHLY TRAFFIC Injection for Platinum VIP Members.

Silver members will continue to get a BASIC Traffic injection of free ad credits, while PLATINUM VIP Members enjoy an even BIGGER MEGABLASTER Injection. Platinum VIP Members get MORE Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Credits at 18 top traffic sites – this is real value – if you purchased all that we’ve included it would be about $200 in advertising EVERY month. Use this advertising to promote ANY Affiliate program, it doesn’t have to be Worldprofit. Use your included Worldprofit REMINDER service to send yourself a reminder of when your next Traffic Injection needs to be activated.

We are in the process of completing the process to permit payment of commissions out via Digital Online Payments for those unable to receive commission through PayPal.
Stay tuned for announcements.

SEO and Mobile Optimized Website Management System

If you haven’t done so yet, you can convert your Worldprofit hosted site to the new updated responsive system.
You can keep using the domain name address you have now, all current links on your site will be preserved, it doesn’t effect your cloaked links.
You can’t "Break" your site, you can change as often as you like even change back to the old version if you prefer.
Remember we built this system so we SUPPORT it.
To get your new system (template 63), submit a support ticket and we will do your update at no cost.

MobiRise – Website Editor – for those Members interested in building another website for other purposes. Easy to use, not technical or design skills required. The Editor is free, your cost is just a one time fee of $27 for Worldprofit to host your site.

What’s in Development
We are in the process of redesigning your Worldprofit Member area to modernize and streamline. George provided a sneak peak at the work completed thus far. This is a process that will take some time, our Member area has a tremendous amount of content and was developed over 20 years ago. Watch for official announcement in coming weeks.

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2. Join Worldprofit’s Facebook Group

3. Bootcamp Training. If you haven’t started the bootcamp training, what are you waiting for?!
Advance to Lesson 3 to learn how to get your traffic BONUSES!

Thank you to everyone who attended Worldprofit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training presented by Worldprofit Inc, with instructor George Kosch.

Here’s the link to watch the Jan 4, 2019 RECORDING


The next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday Jan 11, 2018.

How to get help!

Need help? Worldprofit’s Support Team is here to help you 7 days a week.
Submit a Support Ticket, link is on the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.

A few comments / questions from bootcamp training participants.

Ronald: Much better
Elaine: Looks really Nice!
Will: I need to learn to use my LIST more effectively!
Elaine: How many classified ads are there in today?
Deborah: Lot of time is missed when have to go to appointments, etc. Now we will be able to use this when in the wait room.
Erick: Currently all of my associates are not activated, does this mean that they receive no emails I send to them?
Roger: Can you clarify about the 20 Traffic streams ? I have entered user names/numbers in some but not all Should Silver members join all before requesting the upgrades ?
Teresa H: The training videos you provide with all the tools makes learning easy
Mary: Can I delete all the Dormant Associates….many of them don’t have phone numbers?
Moulaye: you the best George , you make me more confident everyday friday
Teresa H: Platinum VIP membership is well worth it
Mary: I want to build my own website, I forget what you called it "Moesha" (not the right name) but need info
Deborah: WOW, that’s great?
paul: I just updated all mine
Elaine: What type of messages do you recommend??
Mary: I send them the activation link periodically. Good system
Rich: Rotator Genie, etc are Paypal only. Any plans to add other payment processors?
Rich: That would be great
Rheal: Ok Thanks George and Sandy Have a nice day
Teresa H: Thank you for making Worldprofit Great!
Elaine: Thank you so much for all you do George and Sandi!!
Sandi Hunter: Thank you for everyone for coming today. Let’s make 2019 a great year!?
Moulaye: thanks george and Sandi and Lee bless friday
Mary: Happy and Prosperous New Year. Patience everyone. Sandi and George continue to help us MOVE ON UP

Yours In Success, George Kosch
George Kosch Capt (ret’d) CEO & CoFounder Worldprofit.com