Every Affiliate Marketer should watch this. Don’t get SUCKERED by FAKE traffic.

George Kosch, Marketing Expert

George Kosch was fed up.

He watched day after day as honest hard working marketers were getting taken by fake traffic and garbage advertising claims.

These good people were promoting but not getting results. The reason, the leads and hits they were getting were all FAKE!

George has the advantage of being a Systems Admin, he can instantly sniff out fake traffic and it makes his blood boil when he sees good people getting conned by fake traffic peddlars. Now he shares what he knows so you don’t get burned.

George Kosch recorded this video so you can see how to avoid fake traffic so you keep your hard earned money in your pocket and not in the hands of dishonest traffic peddlars.

Watch the DON’T BE A SUCKER video here:


Know what to watch for so you don’t get suckered like sadly so many do.