Questions from Worldprofit Members and the Answers from Worldprofit Support Team

Each day Worldprofit’s Support team takes a lot of questions. We enjoy helping our Members and have shared a few to help others who may have the same questions.

Question: When I login to my Worldprofit Associate Member area I see a person on the screen. Is that a real person or a video? Can they see me?

Answer from Worldprofit Support Team:
Worldprofit has a LIVE Business Center that allows our Members to SEE and chat LIVE with one of our Representatives. You can ask questions and chat with that person by typing out questions. You can see them but they can’t see you. If you turn up the sound on your phone, tablet or computer you can HEAR them too. If you don’t want the LIVE Business Center on, you can turn it OFF at anytime using the OFF link near the chat window.

Question: What’s the difference between Worldprofit’s free Associate Membership and the Silver Membership?

Answer from Worldprofit Support:
The easiest way to learn the differences is to watch the Silver Membership Video in your Worldprofit Associate Member area. The video is brief and gives you all the details you need to see the value of upgrading from a free Worldprofit Associate membership to a paid Worldprofit Silver Membership.
In a nutshell, Worldprofit’s Silver Membership is a comprehensive online business package complete with hosted website, real traffic, unique software, list builders, an online training program with lessons and ALSO LIVE interactive weekly training. Importantly, you enjoy SUPPORT and HELP to grow your business, 365 Days a Year. Silver members earn far more commission too. How much? 20 – 100% commission for sales referrals. As a Silver Member you can earn by referring sales to Worldprofit, or by selling our recommended vendor products – OR by using your included tools, traffic and software to promote and make sales in your OWN affiliate programs.

Question: I don’t have anywhere to store my images and ebooks. When I try to load them they appear as a broken image. Can Worldprofit help me with that?

Answer from Worldprofit Support Team:
Yes, Worldprofit offers an unlimited image storing service. You can store images for your ebooks (PDF) or for your banners (Gif and JPeg). We offer this service exclusively to our Silver and Platinum VIP Members at no cost. This is helpful as some services like DropBox will not allow public viewing of your images so when you try to post them the images appear broken, and this reduces the power of your advertising. If you are a free Worldprofit Associate membership you have the option to upgrade to Silver membership to enjoy our free file storage service as well as the other Silver Membership inclusions. Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members access your file storage service in your Member area in the Website Management section.

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