Safelist Advertising, How to Get the BEST Results

Safelist advertising is a powerful, effective advertising resource for affiliate marketers. Here’s why and how to maximize your responses.
A Safelist is a mailing list where Members can email each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because Member must opt-in to receive the mailings and also have confirmed their email address. A Safelist can be used to advertise a product or service, including business opportunities, affiliate programs, home business products, Clickbank products and so forth. Most Safelists work by allowing Members to earn credits but also offer paid advertising. Basic Membership in a Safelist is usually free.
Benefits of Safelist Advertising
1. Affordable: Cost is ZERO to join most Safelists. You can either surf to earn credits for your own advertising, or you can pay a very small cost for a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions allow you to post more often and to more people.
If you can afford it get a paid subscription, cost can be as little as $10 and up.
2. Targeted: You reach a targeted audience of other home business folks, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and information seekers.
3. Legitimate: Once scoffed at as a cheesy time-wasting practice, Safelists are a legitimate marketing practice and have gained credibility and popularity. Spam laws have limited the number of ways to market a product or service. Safelist Advertising allows marketers to reach consumers easily and legitimately with their permission.
4. Variety: There are various forms of advertising available within Safelist programs. Members have many options for advertising affordably and this can include Text Ads, HTML ads, solo ads, banners, login ads, landing pages, ad rotations etc.
5. Reach: Creating your own in-house mailing list is ideal but does take an enormous amount of time and can be self-limiting to who is on your own list. To reach larger, new audiences, affiliate marketers have discovered the power of being able to post to a large legitimate list of people.
To get better results from your Safelist advertising, here is what you need to know.
Always, always, always promote a LANDING PAGE and NOT your website when using Safelist Advertising. Remember you want to make an eye-popping offer and get an instant result. Your website can’t and won’t do that in most cases.
A Landing Page that will generate results includes:
-Attention Grabbing headline
-Point form, punchy copy thick with the benefits to the reader
-A call to action, DO THIS! GET THIS!
-Lead form to gather contact details of the person.
-Option to subscribe to your newsletter, or receive further special offers
-More copy than graphics so your page loads quickly and command attention with words not distracting unnecessary graphics.
When posting your ads, don’t rely on just one Safelist. If your funds are limited select 3 – 5 to get started and post as often as you can.
If you have a dud ad that doesn’t get response, change it up, run a revised or different ad.
Make sure you have some type of ad tracking software so when you post and ad you can see the click-rate and analyze the effective of your ads. Many Safelists offer this tool for their Members.
Summary: The key to effective Safelist Advertising is three fold.
1) Get a paid subscription from a number of reputable Safelists so you can promote to larger audiences and more often.
2) Promote a well-written copy-dense Landing Page with minimal graphics. Emphasis is on eye-grabbing headline, benefit-laden copy, and ultra-fast loading.
3) Pick only reputable Safelists.
Tell us what you think about Safelists? What are your favourites? Submit a comment below.

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