Member Spotlight: Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member, Business Owner, Howard Martell

Worldprofit’s Silver and Platinum VIP Members are business owners who hail from all over the world, from all walks of life. They share something important though, character qualities found in every successful person – the willingness to learn, the desire to achieve a goal, and the focus and determination to make it happen.

Searching for your own success? You are in the right place at Worldprofit.
It’s been said if you want to be successful at something, find someone already there then DO what they do.
Worldprofit is a unique community of people helping people to start and grow their own online business.

Here we feature successful Worldprofit Business Owner, Howard Martell

Howard, can you share a little information with us about you?

I have been marketing online for over 29 years now and been part of the Worldprofit family for 9 years plus successfully. My first career straight out of High School was the US Navy did 20 years and traveled the world to 48 countries. I am a disabled veteran who continues to work in a field I love in Cybersecurity supporting US Government risk assessments and providing quality consulting services. The other skills have been able to excel at is find quality places to built my list of clients globally thanks to this system.

Howard, what was the reason or reasons for your initial interest in becoming a Member at Worldprofit?

When I first joined back in 2009 heard of Worldprofit and it wasn’t until two of my members online told me you need to check this out. I did and the lessons started immediately for me being a Senior Monitor and sales leader, this helped thousands over that time do it right the first time. It is rewarding when you are able to assist real hard-working marketers with closing a sale for first time members and many have thanked me over the years. Finally, the mentorship you will be receiving is second to none whether your shy or not get comfortable in front of your camera and this translates over to doing Facebook live, YouTube and any other social media platforms. (People buy from people they can trust not from websites)

Howard, can you share some of the reasons that you continue as a loyal Member of Worldprofit?

What George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and the rest of team has created most companies lack a continuous way to drive traffic, teach you in our Friday’s Bootcamp, and they care about your success not only in Worldprofit but in any other affiliate or direct selling businesses you partner with.

Howard, do you have any words of advice for someone looking for an online business or considering joining Worldprofit?

You need to do your research, but I promise you this will not find anything close to what George Kosch and Sandi Hunter provide us from the 24-7 Monitor team members who close my sales and take care of my associates.

Howard, you are a Monitor who generously volunteers your time to help others in Worldprofit’s home business community.
Can you offer some reasons why you enjoy being a Monitor?

This is my way of being part of a synergy of proven online business owners who want to speak the truth of what it truly takes to be successful online and share that wisdom globally.

Howard, what are some of the tools and resources in your Worldprofit Membership that you find most helpful in growing your own online business?

Worldprofit’s Call Loop system allows me to get people to call me back since time is limited for me. Virtual Assistant Tool, lazy blogger, click bank promo kit, landing page builder, and so much more to numerous to list all only available at Worldprofit, tools I use to run my business every day.

Howard, can you rate on a scale of 1 – 10 then comment on the quality of services, training, and support offered at Worldprofit? A rating of 1 would be Poor, a rating of 10 would be Outstanding.

My rating: 10. Why do you think I have been with the company and seeing the continued vision of how we can change the industry for the better.

Howard, anything else you would like to share with others about your experiences with Worldprofit ?

I tell anyone who talks to me to encounter the value of having a real income earning business is just one of the many perks we get at Worldprofit. Here in the USA, Uncle Sam pays me to have my home business and that is another reason why I am so passionate about getting people to understand the value of the resources at Worldprofit for money, time, and proven tools.

Connect with Howard for a free 15 minute consult.
Find out how he can help you start your own successful online business.

Howard Martell, your Home Profit Coach

Customer Review of Worldprofit “For the past almost 8 years been working with great partners”

"For the past almost 8 years been working with great partners this includes CEO George Kosch (AKA THE MAD MONEY MAKING INVENTOR OF TOOLS), our President Sandi Hunter and our Senior Monitor group who have closed so many sales for me. When I started this adventure with Worldprofit I was optimistic and excited about how it has helped me and my global clients grow any affiliate business. What I love about this community is that we are a group of serious business builders willing to share the knowledge. Worldprofit provides training that is second to none, this is crucial in any affilate or online business. Tools what can I say about how I create masterful landing pages with or without video to seperate myself from any competition. Personal branding where can you get hosting, training and where to promote any business online. In closing, I learned along time ago that People need to know how much you care first about there success before they will ever trust you enough to invest in our services."

God Bless,

Howard Martell
US Navy Veteran Retired from first career

Thank you to Howard Martell for sending in such a nice review of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer to affiliate marketers and home business entrepreneurs. We’re so glad our services have surpassed your expectations after all these years and that your successful global business continues to grow day after day, year after year. To your continued success!

~ George Kosch
~ Sandi Hunter

Worldprofit’s Top Seller for March is Howard Martell. Congratulations!

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Our TOP SELLER for March 2016 is HOWARD MARTELL.

Congratulations to Howard!

Ask Howard the key to his success and you know what he will tell you.

Promotion. Lots of it!

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Top Worldprofit Seller Howard Martell using this tool to help make online sales. Here’s how.

Entrepreneur, Howard Martell
Entrepreneur, Howard Martell

Which Worldprofit tool does Howard Martell use to make sales?

Howard loves this tool.

Howard is consistently on Worldprofit’s Top Sellers list.

Like you, Howard’s a busy person. He works full time and operates his own successful online business too.

Want to be successful? Do what other successful people do. Here’s how to get your hands on this tool.

It’s a little known (but much-loved tool) called Worldprofit’s Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA).

Here’s what your Virtual Sales Assistant allows you to do:
(this is LESSON 105 in your Bootcamp Lessons)

1. You can enter a FOLLOW UP Date and queue an email letter to be sent on that date that includes an offer and a purchase link.
2. You can use the emails we have created already.
3. You can create your own customized emails for your own programs.
4. Stay on top of prospects who the timing may not be quite right now but may be interested in the near future.
5. Shortly, you will also have the option of sending an EMAIL letter, or a VIDEO Email, or an AUDIO email to your prospects.
6. Your Daily Prospect Manager Report that is emailed to you includes a section that summarizes your scheduled Virtual Sales Assistant Messages.
7. Your scheduled Follow up letters will be handled by your Virtual Sales Assistant saving you time, keeping you organized and making it easy for your prospects to order with a direct sales link.
8. You also get an ADMIN area where you can see an Activity Report for all your Letters to check if they are sent or queued and delete if necessary.

Now, if you are involved in your own affiliate or MLM program, you can CUSTOMIZE the email letter and order links for your own programs. Just enter the details of the prospect the program of interest and the follow up date. Customize your follow up letter, select and save it and your Virtual Sales Assistant does the rest.

To conform with Spam laws, each letter by necessity will have an integrated REMOVE link for anyone who no longer wishes to receive your follow up emails.

Your Worldprofit Virtual Sales Assistant helps you…

-organize your leads with important follow up details and dates so you never lose track of a prospect and possible sale!
-use if for your Worldprofit prospects by using the pre-written ready to go email letters
-use if for ANY of your other programs by using the customization option to write your own email letters
-add branding to your messages and personalization with the option to use standard email, VIDEO or AUDIO in your follow up emails.

Connect with Howard Martell he can get you started building your own successful online business.

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support.

Worldprofit Members now get Ebook Cover Creator included in your Membership.

Did you know?

Not only can you create your own eBook with Worldprofit but now you can create your own eBook cover with Worldprofit (at NO cost.)

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You must see this video demonstration by George Kosch

PS: After watching this video, Worldprofit Dealer and entrepreneur, Howard Martell whipped up TWO ebooks! EASY he said!

Here’s the result! Howard created these instantly!

BRAVO! Howard you are one smart go-getter.

Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch will be demonstrating the Ebook Cover creator at the next bootcamp Friday April 11 at 8 AM CT.

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Customer Review of Worldprofit’s home business training program

More Happy Birthday wishes arrived in our In-Box this morning as our birthday month comes to an end shortly!

Thank you to each of you for your well wishes. We can’t share all of them here, but here is what Howard Martell was so kind to send in.   

My name is Howard Martell one of many successful full time business owners, who over the past 4 years have been blessed to have the honor in serving the Worldprofit home business community.

Worldprofit is a true online business in which everyone starts off on the same path for success starts at the top.  The Worldprofit Monitor Network includes over 75 people located internationally  to make sure we do our best to close sales 24 hours a Live via Online Business Area . George Kosch, Technical Guru (Bootcamp Trainer) ,what can I say about him he gives us so much knowledge and tools continue success and saves hours of manual traffic generation method via Automated gizmos. Sandi Hunter, President she gives me and our members best customer service with accounts, articles for blogs and Ebooks and is just a very supportive and humble business owner.

You see my success has come because of these proven leaders and a support network where if I,  or my fellow Dealers have questions the Tech Support is second to known. As I continue to establish my business globally looking to help my clients with growing their list and creating multiple streams of income in any business or affiliate sites.”

God Bless,

Happy 19th Birthday Worldprofit (Lifetime Member and Glad to have you on my team)

Howard Martell, Virginia Beach, VA. USA.

PS says Howard:  I am having so much fun while making money and helping people along the way. You see I’m quite busy balancing the business and college studies both online and in the classroom. The tax savings link video have used that information for over 15 years plus and saved over 75,000 on my taxes while running my various home businesses part time. Here is a video that may be of help to other Members interested in the tax savings that home business owners should explore:


From Worldprofit –  Thank you to our Members around the world for your support over the last 19 years to make Worldprofit the #1 popular choice for online home business training and resources. We look forward to continuing to serve your home business needs as we enter our 20th year in business.

Get Social! Join others involved with online marketing, affiliate marketing and online earning programs at Worldprofit’s social networking site at  You will get a free blog and some great traffic freebies with your free registration.

Worldprofit pays tribute to Howard Martell recognizing his service to the US NAVY and the USA.

Today, June 18th, Worldprofit pays tribute to Howard Martell recognizing his service to the US NAVY and the USA.

Time: 10 am Central.

Place: Worldprofit Live Business Center at

We honor one of our own….


Don’t even think of missing this “feel good” program, in recognition of Howard’s service to US Navy and country.