Customer Testimonial about Worldprofit from Iphota Thelemaque

Iphota Thelemaque
Iphota Thelemaque

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to long time loyal Platinum VIP Member Iphota Thelemaque.

Iphota is a one hard working gal. She believes in herself and she is determined to grow her own successful online business. She knows success does not come easy but requires focus, constant learning and promotion. Something worth having is worth working for.

Hats off to a beautiful lady inside and out.  Iphota, she is an inspiration to all!

Here’s what Iphota had to say…

“Hello Everyone and my Fellow Marketers.

My Name is Iphota Thelemaque. I’m a Worldprofit Member For over 5 years now. I love where my future is going. One day my life really changed for the better because George Kosch, Sandi Hunter took me by the hand to help me to have my own business. I send a Testimonial To Sandi Hunter or George Kosch they write back to me or reply back within 24 Hours Time. I feel really good. I get sales. I was a Silver member then I fully upgraded to a Platinum Membership. It’s so Great! So you see I’m happy to be a Worldprofit Member I know you want to get help too like me.

I work in the morning for 8 Hours I don’t have in off time in the morning to promote my Business. I’m very excited to be a Worldprofit member I am mad with myself that I can’t do more promotion because I have to work everyday. Someone once told me I can’t do this I am proving them wrong. I get my reward from Worldprofit because I like To be there. I like to know I have something I can call mine. I love seeing my name on something for my efforts. To George Kosch and Sandi Hunter thank you so much For everything you do. I’m sorry for missing the Friday training and the Saturday Junior Monitor Meeting but I will get there. Thank you for closing sales For me a big thank you to ALL the Monitors working hard to close sales a well. Thank you so very much. Thank you All….”

Iphota Thelemaque

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