Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 28 December 2018

Review and Recap: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday Dec 28, 2018.

Special Note of Recognition:

This training session is the final one of 2018 and is the 52nd training session George Kosch provided faithfully each and every week for Worldprofit Members. That’s over 52 hours of personalized training where you have the opportunity to listen, watch and learn what you need to know and do to use the resources in your Membership to grow your own successful online business.

George Kosch, is a military man; he will tell you the military teaches you discipline and a solid work ethic. The military way is to roll up your sleeves and get busy. No complaining, no excuses, just do it. George proves his unwavering commitment day after day, week after week in the bootcamp training sessions, by creating unique new services, while providing help and support to our valued Members around the world.
Thank you to George for your ongoing dedication!

Bootcamp Training Topics

  • What to DO if you are a NEW Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member.
  • The online bootcamp lessons, get started as soon as possible. Go at your own pace.
  • How activate your Membership BONUSES!
  • Leads and List Building Essentials and the backbone of all the services, resources and tools in your Member area.
  • Worldprofit’s centralized Member area is your one stop source for all the tools, resources you need to grow your own online business.
  • Questions are encouraged throughout the training. Get instant answers to save yourself time, money and frustration so you can focus on what will yield the BEST results for growing your online business.


1. Why do some people make money online and others don’t?
George dished up some good old-fashioned honest reality to answer this question providing excellent food for thought.

2. #1 Thing that really costs people money when trying to grow an online business.
How doing this 1 simple thing will make a huge difference in all your online business tasks.

Worldprofit Featured Tools and Resources to help you organize your online business and speed up your promotion

-Worldprofit’s Link Manager
-Worldprofit’s Reminder System
-Prospect Manager System – and Virtual Sales Assistant
George recommended 2 of his own favorite tools he uses, and why and how they can help you.


  • Worldprofit’s Classified Ad System – ready now
  • What it is
  • How to use it
  • Customization Features
  • How you benefit (leads, sign ups, list building, traffic, promotion, sales conversions, SEO, and more)
  • How to get this system activated on your domain site

Each and every Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Member gets this Classified Ad System installed on your site at NO cost
our gift to you for your ongoing support of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer.

Worldprofit’s Universal Rotator – making your promotion sooooo much easier
George provided a demonstration of how to use this clever tool to bundle ALL your affiliate links into one URL. Now you can promote all your links with just ONE URL with Worldprofit’s Universal Rotator. Makes promotion so much easier, allows you to promote YOUR OWN URL (not someone else), allows you to test your promotion.
Access: Left Menu, select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then select UNIVERSAL ROTATOR

What’s in Development

We are in the process of INCREASING the inclusions in the MONTHLY TRAFFIC Injection.
Silver members get a BASIC injection, while PLATINUM VIP Members get a MEGABLASTER Injection included in your Membership.
This week we are ADDING to what is included in your injection, including SOLO ADS.
Watch for official announcement in the BOOTCAMP NEWSLETTER.
Please make sure our emails are not ending up in your spam folder, whitelist or mark Worldprofit emails as approved.


We’re looking for more people to join our elite Monitor Team.
Join us! It’s the best way to learn about Worldprofit’s system, enjoy valuable perks, and get that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling from helping others. This is a people helping people system without hype, no ridiculous claims, no pressure – just honest, down to earth people from all walks of life and all corners of the world.
Interested in training to be a Monitor? Submit a Support Ticket and we’ll send you details.

SEO and Mobile Optimized Website Management System

If you haven’t done so yet, you can convert your Worldprofit hosted site to the new updated responsive system.
You can keep using the domain name address you have now, all current links on your site will be preserved, it doesn’t effect your cloaked links.
You can’t "Break" your site, you can change as often as you like even change back to the old version if you prefer.
Remember we built this system so we SUPPORT it.
To get your new system (template 63), submit a support ticket and we will do your update at no cost.

Suggested Actions:

1. Join our Worldprofit Social Community. Share your Affiliate links, post videos, blog, network. Enjoy free promotion

2. Join Worldprofit’s Facebook Group

3. Bootcamp Training. If you haven’t started the bootcamp training, what are you waiting for?!
Advance to Lesson 3 to learn how to get your traffic BONUSES!

Thank you to everyone who attended Worldprofit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training presented by Worldprofit Inc, with instructor George Kosch.

Here’s the link to watch the Dec 28 RECORDING

The next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday Jan 4th, 2018.

How to get help!

Need help? Worldprofit’s Support Team is here to help you 7 days a week.
Submit a Support Ticket, link is on the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.

A few comments from training participants

Gary : When you look for a new safelist or source to advertise with is there a certain thing to look for ?

howard: find ones you like and promote your landing pages

moulaye t: thanks very much George

moulaye t: i wanna be just like you just !

howard: you had the will to succeed more than the other person

KimLou: Is there a priority between promoting our WP website or individual wp promotions?

Will : Cloaking inherently promotes your site.

Kim: Great "clarification". Thanks

moulaye t: George can i post my personal exercise workout as ads in worldprofit community ?

moulaye t: cool thanks again

Sandi Hunter: last few days to lock in 2018 rates

moulaye t: thanks Sandi

Sandi Hunter: Moulaye, yes you can promote that to the community site’

moulaye t: you the best

Patrick: I became platinum today

moulaye t: congrats Pat

Sandi Hunter: Patrick, you got a great deal! We did your upgrade today and all bonuses are available to you now

Patrick Willems: Thanks

Mary: May I make"My" program the MAIN feature displayed on my WP site

Robert: That will be cool

Kelly: Worldprofit is the most incredible system I have ever come accross and I have seen plenty in my time online thank you george and sandi for your innovative services, you’ve saved me time and money. I have it all here in one place.