WARNING! Don’t buy anything else until you do a search in your Worldprofit Member area! You may find what you are looking for is already included in your Silver Membership.

George Kosch has just recorded a NEW Silver Membership Presentation Video.
So it’s time for you to start promoting!

Here’s why!

When people you refer login they are asked to watch this video so they know what Worldprofit offers and includes in our Silver membership.
When they have watched the video, they are made a very special One Time Offer by our Monitors.
When someone you refer upgrades from free Membership to Silver membership YOU get commission!

Do you see why you need to start promoting the landing pages right now?

Promote now and you can be earning commission TODAY!

Here’s what to do.

1. Login to your Worldprofit Member area and click on TRAINING on the TOP MENU.
2. Progress through the lesson plans so you know where to access the landing pages and where and how to promote.

HINT: If you are not a Beginner and have a little more experience , then just do the promotion!
You will find all the landing pages and ad resources on the LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC.
Don’t breeze through this section there is a TON of resources, tools, recommended ad sources, and free traffic that are included in your Membership.

You get FAR more value in your Membership than your monthly rate.

You don’t have to buy anything else from any other vendors.

It’s ALL here at Worldprofit – your one stop home business solution for training, support, software, traffic, and money makers.

Looking for something specific?
Use the SEARCH field in the TOP RIGHT corner to enter a key word and INSTANTLY find what you need.

Members have told us they went out and bought software from another vendor that they later found was INCLUDED in the Worldprofit Membership.

Before you BUY – do a search in Worldprofit’s Member area.

Need help?
Submit a Support Ticket. We are here 7 days a week to help YOU!
(The link is on TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.)

George Kosch told this lady, "YOU ARE DOING IT ALL RIGHT!"

Today we received a Support Ticket from a new Silver Member who started a short time ago.

She told us she is very new to online marketing but is very serious about building her online business and wanted to know if what she was doing was on the right track.

This is what she told us she’s been doing since becoming a Silver Member.

She’s watched the TWO videos for BEGINNERS posted in the TRAINING section of the Worldprofit Member area

She’s focused on following the steps of the online home business bootcamp training.

She’s made it to LESSON 15 already and made her FIRST SALE!

She’s joined 5 salelists using her 2 GMAIL accounts as per George Kosch’s training.

She’s posting the Landing Pages (ad examples) to those Safelists as often as she can.
Next week she plans to increase the number of Safelists and her promotion now that she understands how it works.

She checks her Ad Tracker every few days to see the results of her promotion. She’s learned from the training to set a goal of 200 clicks (minimum) per day.

She sets a goal to sign up at least ONE free Associate Member every day.

She attends either the LIVE Friday training Friday mornings, or watches the recorded version. She takes notes during the training and has a notebook where she records her user names and passwords.

When she has a question or needs help she submits a Support ticket.

After reviewing her actions….George Kosch told her..

"You’re doing it all RIGHT. Keep up the consistent effort, more sales will come!"

The key to YOU earning online is…. (and this applies to ALL MEMBERS)

1. Generate leads (Associates) consistently (The bootcamp teaches you this)
2. Build your own email marketing list while doing so. (The bootcamp teaches you this)
3. Have access to lots of products and services to promote.
(The bootcamp teaches you this)
4. Stay focused. Set realistic goals. Be patient. (This one is 100% up to you!)


Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert George Kosch is Friday May 16th, 2014.
All sessions are also recorded for the convenience of our Members.


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