Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 18 Oct 2019

George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc., is also your Affiliate marketing bootcamp instructor.

Each week, George provides a LIVE interactive training session exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Here’s a recap of the training material covered in the Oct 18th, 2019 Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training presented by George Kosch.

Questions are encouraged throughout the training, ask away for instant answers and concept demonstrations as you need them.
OR, for any Members unable to attend the LIVE session, send your questions in PRIOR. George can answer your questions or provide a demo during the LIVE session, and you watch the recording later at a time convenient.

Featured Training Topics and Demonstrations

  • How to use Worldprofit resources to promote and EARN in your OWN affiliate programs
  • How to get your TRAFFIC BONUSES – advance to Lesson 3 – WATCH the video on that lesson.
  • How to access the online training lessons

Featured World Profit Services / Recommended Software / Tools

  • Ad Tracker Software: It’s included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership – how to access, how to use, how to benefit
  • Worldprofit Support Services: How to get help 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • Worldprofit’s 24 HOUR LIVE Business Center – unique to Worldprofit – how you benefit
  • Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership, higher commission grade, more traffic inclusions and additional software benefits.
  • PostBox – what it is – why we recommend it
  • Worldprofit’s Link Manager
  • Worldprofit’s File Storage System – NO Limits – included for Silver and Platinum VIP Members
  • Jit Bit- EVERY marketer NEEDS this tool to save ENORMOUS amount of time and speed up your promotion
  • How to get your own personalized email address(es) to match your domain name.
  • We’ve increased the number of lead packages available to meet the various needs of Worldprofit Members
  • Worldprofit Free Classified Ads – How to post your ads, how to install this on your site, how to benefit from backlinks/Google
  • Backlinks, what are they, how you benefit by having more – legitimate back links, trackable links
  • Benefits of upgrading to Platinum VIP Membership to get MORE leads, traffic, your own unlimited use Autoresponder, double your commission and more. For complete details submit a Support ticket and Request a Platinum VIP upgrade quote.
  • How to get your MONTHLY Traffic Injections
  • How to get your own SSL Certificate for your Worldprofit hosted website
  • How to set up your Amazon Storefront at Worldprofit (included in your membership)
  • How to get MORE Worldprofit advertising to promote your OTHER Affiliate programs
  • Promotion – MORE is always better! Don’t keep tapping the same resources, EXPAND your reach to new markets


  • How to post an Ebook to your Worldprofit hosted website
  • How to create your own Ebook using Worldprofit’s Ebook Creator / Cover Design software, or OTHER Ebook Creators, Scrbble etc.


Why you need your own domain name if you are serious about start, grow and profit from your own online business NOW and for years to come.
Why what Worldprofit offers is what you need for the LIFETIME of your online business from start to profit.
Article: I don’t want to SCARE you but… http://sandihunter.com/marketing/i-dont-want-to-scare-you-but


NEW! More Lead Package Options Now offered.
Lead packages now available in packs of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
We purchase these leads from a trusted source we’ve relied on for many years.
Our Lead Source runs online ads to generate these leads.
Once ordered, download a few leads at a time as you need them and can contact these people.
Watch the video in your member area to know what to do with these leads and how to integrate them into your included Prospect Manager
Packages starts at $11.95
Details: https://www.worldprofit.com/dealers/default.cfm?template=prospectmanager/prospect_manager_leads_purchase.cfm

Help Wanted!
We have 1 remaining position available on our Monitor Team.
Qualified candidates will be invited to join Worldprofit’s JR Monitor Training program.
SR Monitors enjoy a number of perks and privileges for volunteering their time helping out in our Live Business Center.
Interested in training to be a Monitor?
Submit a Support ticket and we will send you further details.

Cool New Stuff for Worldprofit Members

We are hunkering down, working hard to get some exciting new services in your hands in coming weeks / months

Worldprofit’s Home Business Community is being revamped as we speak.
If you haven’t joined our community site please do, http://community.worldprofit.com

NEW Sales Funnels being developed – PRIOIRITY on this.
Watch for release announcements in the Bootcamp Newsletter

NEW Advanced Training Courses and Resources
exclusively for Platinum VIP Members, coming soon.

NEW lead generator system, in the works. You are going to LOVE this.
Details to be released in coming weeks, can’t give away all our secrets.

Did you know?

On top of all the other great stuff in your Worldprofit Membership you also get in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships the following valuable resources:

World Profit’s Image Hosting Service
Got images or PDF files you need to store? Store your image files at World Profit as part of your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.
Cost: $0.

Personalized Email Services – get personalized email address(es) to go with your Worldprofit hosted domain.
To get yours, submit a Support ticket.
Cost: $0.

World Profit’s Bootcamp Newsletter is sent out every few days with tips, strategies, updates, articles and more – all for one purpose to help you get the best use of our World Profit Membership resources to grow your own online business. If you are not getting it, please check your spam folder and to whitelist emails from World Profit so you don’t miss out on valuable information.
Cost: $0

Worldprofit’s MONTHLY Traffic Injections

Silver Members get a basic monthly Traffic Injection (5 promotion and traffic sites)
Platinum VIP Member get a MEGA Monthly Traffic Injection (18 promotion and traffic sites) valued at $200 / month
Promote your own affiliate programs, or promote Worldprofit services, your choice.
Cost: $0

Unnecessary free Associate membership accounts:
As a Silver or Platinum VIP Member you get unlimited full benefits and privileges – you do NOT Need a free Associate membership account.
If you sign up for a free Associate account in error, submit a support ticket and ask that we delete it for you so you don’t confuse your logins.
Please write down your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership login details and keep it handy but do NOT share with ANYONE.

Customer Reviews of Worldprofit

Thank you to our members who have taken the time to submit a review of Worldprofit, the services and training provided.
Your kind words are much appreciated and keep us working hard to support our members.

"I was going though my Extreme Traffic Package and I notice I had joined one of WP’s safe lists back in Dec 27, 2011 as a free member. As of today I’m a lifetime member, I wish my head was in the game since then. This just goes to show the history of Worldprofit while other programs have come and gone away. You guys are doing a great job. Looking to go far now since my head is in the game. "
Donald Desamours, Hempstead, NY United States

Thank you WorldProfit for providing me the tools, training and traffic to succeed in this highly competitive industry! Just following the bootcamp training lessons has given me a “leg up” on others interested in making money from home. I found the training very precise and simple to duplicate. I highly encourage those interested in an online business to use the tools provided here at WorldProfit. Anthony Stewart and family, Platinum VIP members for life! Anthony Stewart Peachtree City, Ga United States

"I recently had the opportunity to call upon Worldprofit Support for assistance. I was overwhelmed by not only the quality of service offered but by the patient manner in which it was given. I’m retired from the corporate world and managed more than one IT support function during my career. Worldprofit’s support is World Class – a target every corporate support group seeks to attain." Ash Brook NJ United States

"There is so much buildup and rubbish out there, however here is something you can stay with that works. Any business, on the web or disconnected, requires work, assurance and constancy." Rick Alison Fredericton, New Brunswick CA

"George, you know I have been with Worldprofit for over 14 years! You never cease to amaze me. The Email Commander is off the hook!!"
Linda Blackwell, Newark, NJ USA

"I’ve been working online since 1999 and I’ve made some money here and there when I needed to so I could stay home with my kids… I have been involved in a lot of different programs.. and most of them have worked (ebay, promoting trial offers, selling training material, blogging with affiliate sites, etc…) BUT this one from Worldprofit takes the cake!!! I can promote ALL of my money making sites into "one"… AND George Kosch’s training is beyond incredible!! " Kelly Woodcox, Rochester, IN, USA

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at http://www/worldprofit.mobi

FEATURED Worldprofit Member: Lisa Martiniuk

Lisa Martiniuk
Lisa Martiniuk

Congratulations to Lisa Martiniuk for being selected as our FEATURED Worldprofit Member.

You may have already met the well spoken and charming Lisa in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, in this interview she shares her insight and expertise about her success as an online entrepreneur. Lisa has devoted countless hours to developing her own successful business as well as giving back to our home community serving as a well respected elite member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.

Worldprofit Member Profile

Lisa Martiniuk
Platinum VIP Member, MCEC
Worldprofit Sr. Monitor
Resides in Alberta, Canada
http://www.TheHomeOfficePeople.com (Business Site)
http://www.FreeTimeSafelist.com (Safelist owner)

Lisa, can you share a little bit about you? Your background? Experience?

Working in the Utility sector, as an Operator, evolving technology assured me a new learning experience. My familiarity with computers and the internet, at the time, were nil. HMI, PLC, IT; it was all Greek to me. That was my introduction to the Internet, and what a valuable service a Programmer provided. The ability to access your operations from across the continent, if need be, to resolve glitches. I would say I happened across Worldprofit as more of an interest in learning about website hosting, and online instructional learning from a volunteer aspect, rather than looking to make money online, or start a home-based business. Worldprofit seemed to encompass my original interests, and, as well, I found the perfect avenue to supplement my future retirement.

Lisa, how long have you been with Worldprofit? What keeps you motivated?

I have been with Worldprofit for (8) years now. My motivation stems from enjoyment of the continual learning curve, having access to a great, supportive community, and recognizing that Worldprofit has all the provisions for building a solid, long-term, sustainable income source, which will benefit future generations.

Can you tell us Lisa, are there any specific tools or resources provided by Worldprofit that you use to build your business or improve your understanding of online marketing?

The resources I frequently utilize are the Virtual Sales Assistant, the Call Loop System, the Promo-Bots, Solo Blaster, Article Directory, InstaBuilder, Landing Page Builder, Auto-Text, Money-Makers, and more recently, the Sales Funnels, and Live Sales Chat System. All are valuable, and immense time-savers, once set in place.

What do you enjoy Lisa about being a Monitor? What have you learned?

I’ve always believed that you should give back to the community that supports you. That is reward in itself. Although it was a major hurdle for me to overcome, I had the privilege of being taught just how important it was to effectively communicate with each individual to ascertain the benefits Worldprofit could provide for them. In turn, I hope I am able to convey the same to future Monitors.

Lisa, based on your experience as a long time Member, do you have any suggestions for new Worldprofit members?

Oh yes, indeed. Listen to George Kosch. Do what George tells you to do. If (usually when, is more likely) you find yourself finally submitting a Support Ticket saying, “But George……..???” Just this simple act alone, on your part, to request help, and then TO DO what he tells you to do, you deserve a pat on the back for actually being willing to listen, and learn, “By George, He Was Right!”

Do you have a Daily Checklist or routine you rely on for growing your business? Lisa, what are your success habits?

I would have to say I use Linda Elze as my Role Model. I try to set aside time to promote on a daily basis, then check emails and correspondence. Those are my first considerations. I ensure I keep up to date with Bootcamp Training, and implement any new features’ that I feel will benefit me, in the future.

Lisa, what kinds of promotion do you find brings the best results?

Definitely the 20+ income/Traffic Streams, Fast-Track Visitors, and purchasing Solo Ads from various sources ie Udimi, or just sharing a link via Google+ , Twitter, or Facebook.

Lisa, do you have any last words you would like to share about your experiences with Worldprofit?

Worldprofit Rocks!!

Editor’s Note:

Ready to grow your own online business?
Connect with Lisa Martiniuk as your home business coach by going to her website http://www.TheHomeOfficePeople.com
Need traffic? Earn free AD Credits! Join free at http://www.FreeTimeSafelist.com