Worldprofit ‘s Promo Manager

The Worldprofit PROMO MANAGER.

What it is:

Your Promo Organizer is designed to help you ORGANIZE your postings to safelists, exchanges, classified ad sites and just about any site you post YOUR ads to on a regular basis. This organizer will NOT do the promotion for you, rather it will help you organize your sites.

We have recorded a very brief helpful video to help you understand how to use the Promo Manager.  In dong his own promotions George Kosch found he needed a quick and easy way to do this. He built this to help you too to save you time and make promotion faster and easier.   You will find the video in your Worldprofit Member area.

Cost: There is no cost to Silver and Platinum VIP Members to use the PROMO MANAGER. It is included in your Membership.

How to access the PROMO ORGANIZER

In your Member area, on the LEFT MENU look for the MONEY MAKERS section, then select PROMO ORGANIZER. There you will find the HELP video, and a practice area where you can enter some default data and then later delete it.  It’s important to watch the HELP video as George Kosch demonstrates how he uses the PROMO ORGANIZER himself to do his postings/promotions.

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