Worldprofit Bootcamp Update for April 13, 2016.

First off, a hearty warm welcome to all our new Worldprofit Silver Members!

By now you should have received your login details, logged in and selected a domain name and received a confirmation that all services have been set up for you. If you did not receive this please check your spam folder to make sure you are not missing out on important email.

Get started right away with your Bootcamp Training. This is KEY to earning and success in growing your online business.

If you need any help getting started or in locating your resources we are here 7 days a week to help you.
To get help just submit a Support Ticket. The link to access Support is on the TOP MENU.

Thank you all who attended the LIVE webinar April 12th with our own Worldprofit Co-Founder George Kosch, and UK based Safelist Marketing expert, Robert Puddy. It was very interesting to hear two successful self-made Internet marketers share experiences and knowledge about Safelist marketing.

If you missed the session, watch the recording here:

Access the free script that was offered here:

After the session we heard from a number of you asking about getting started with Cpanel hosting, access that information here:

Are you ready to be in the Money Seat?

What’s the Money Seat !!!???

The Money Seat is the "seat" occupied by the elite Members of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.

Monitors are trained and entrusted with manning Worldprofit’s Live Business Center – they are in the MONEY SEAT.

How do YOU get into the Money Seat?

Simple. Become a Monitor.

As you know Worldprofit provides tools and resources and offers for our Members so they can easily promote Worldprofit services.
That promotion results in people around the world signing up to be a free Associate Member. When Associates login to Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center they are are greeted by one of our Monitors. This interaction very often results in a sale and commission for the referring Sponsor.

What happens when YOU are in the Money Seat as a Monitor?

You help new Associate Members access and learn about the services and resources we offer at Worldprofit.
You also get to make offers to encourage free Associate members to upgrade to Silver membership, or to purchase one of our advertising packages.
You learn all about Worldprofit, our services, the resources we offer and how we help, support and train people from all walks of life to grow their own successful online business. You get to work directly with Worldprofit Co-Founders, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter.

Our Monitors are often some of the Top Sellers at Worldprofit.
Why do you think that is?
Monitors learn about all the services at Worldprofit and use that knowledge and experience to smartly grow their online business – all the while helping others, and enjoying some nice business building perks for the time they volunteer.
They are in the MONEY SEAT. They are driving their own successful future.

Are you ready to get into the Money Seat?

To start your training as a Monitor, all you need is a stable internet connection and a headset.
We provide the training. You pick your own hours.
Start off as a JR Monitor and when you graduate from the training, you earn the badge of SR Monitor enjoying the benefits noted above.

Here’s how to get started in your training.

-> Submit a Support ticket (link is on the TOP MENU) and just say you are ready to start your Monitor training. We will send your instructions to get started.

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George Kosch’s Home business bootcamp April 8, 2016. A Review.


If you missed the LIVE training today April 8th, with George Kosch, no need to be down! A recap is within…

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch April 8, 2016.

Topics covered in the April 8th training session with Worldprofit Co-Founder and marketing expert, George Kosch.

Overview of Worldprofit System

Online Bootcamp Lessons – over 125 lessons you can do at your own pace to learn about all aspects of online marketing, as well as how to use and benefit from the services and resources included in your membership.

Associates: the lifebood of your business. How to generate Associates, why you want to, how to access your Ad Tracker data.

Monitor Program

– How to get involved to score some nice perks and gain a unique learning opportunity you won’t find anywhere else.
-Congratulations to our NEW SR. Monitors, Susan Tindall, Ron Lentz, Emil Basista. Thank you for STEPPING up!
-Thank you to ALL our Monitors who volunteer their time to help make sales for our community Members in our LIVE Business Center.
Worldprofit is the only company that offers this system.

Featured Worldprofit Services

-Ad Tracker. Access on TOP MENU select AD TRACKER. This tool is VITAL to assessing the effectiveness of your advertising. – access recorded bootcamp videos and search by topic or keyword.
-Prospect Emailer (Custom letters)
-Worldprofit’s Facebook Group. Join it to learn from other Members

Recommended Business Tool

This tool is so easy to use and will TREMENDOUSLY speed up your marketing. We use it ourselves and highly recommend it.
Saves you time by not having to keep constantly typing up your ad copy, ad titles and URLS when you are promoting.


– How to access your Monthly Commission Report.
– The services you earn commission on, how much as a Silver Member and as a Platinum VIP Member, how to access the list of service
– How one sale can earn to many more sales, more commission over time. This is about a lifetime of income, this is not a biz op.
– How to earn New Sales Volume Bonuses

New Worldprofit services:

A: Ruby Solo Ads now released. 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 packs.
We mail your solo ad out to ALL 12 of our Safelists. Over 130,000 Members per send.
Members can promote these Solo Blaster Packs to earn commission, or purchase for your own use.

B: Newly Designed and upgraded LFM Safelist:


A: There is no Monitor Meeting this Saturday.

B. On Tuesday April 12th at 3 pm ET, George Kosch will be conducting a LIVE online seminar about Safelist marketing with well known industry expert Robert Puddy. Details and link for access to be sent out at a later date.
This session is for advanced experienced Internet Marketers who want to take another step up in growing their online revenue and understand the value of list building, safelist marketing, and would like to develop their own Safelist.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE home business training session. Your questions, input and comments make the training more meaningful to all.

-> To watch the RECORDED version of the April 8th training go to the Training section of your Worldprofit Member area.

Next LIVE home business bootcamp training with George Kosch is Friday April 15th, 2016.

Comments from participants

Cosmos: Thank you George great training
Abdurrazaq: great training.
Jane: Great info thanks for the hands on training the best way I learn
Lee: Thanks George
Lennie: Thank you George great meeting
Pam Sudo: Thanks George
Garrett: good stuff
William: Thanks George
David: Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Thanks George. Awesome training
Daniel: so many others are now doing weekly training for their products now – they must have seen you