Worldprofit congratulates Linda Elze on earning SALES CHAMPIONSHIP for 2015.

Linda Elze
Linda Elze

Congratulations to Linda Elze for achieving the distinction of being Worldprofit’s Sales Championship for 2015.

Meet Linda Elze….

Linda is not only a successful business woman, she’s also a loving grandmother. Success has not come easy for Linda. She’s faced head on a number of personal hardships and health challenges through the years. Through all of this she has stayed focused and determined, 100% committed to building a better life for her family. Linda is an inspiration to others for what IS possible when you work hard and have the help and support you need to stay focussed. When she started she didn’t have a lot of technical experience but she did have some offline sales experience. She knew that sales don’t land in your lap, instead you have to connect with people as a genuine, real person. Sales are made online in a very different manner but there is still the need for that personal touch and a proven system for making it happen.

There is no doubt that Linda has that magic touch. I asked Linda to provide some insight to help and inspire others to grow their own successful online business.

Linda, you’ve been with Worldprofit for over eight years now. That’s remarkable in this industry.
What keeps you at Worldprofit?

Integrity of the company…the constant innovations, ease of use, ongoing training, multiple income streams are built into dealer area, camaraderie of the monitors and dealers, professionalism. Worldprofit makes it fun to make money online.

Linda, as an experienced marketer and consistent Top Seller do you have any advice for someone new to Worldprofit who is just getting started?

Follow the steps…use the system in place….make good habits of promoting everyday…Learn new things as often as possible…incorporate them in your daily program. Be organized, diligent, relentless and reliable…Show up…participate in your business.

Linda can you tell us what methods of promotion you recommend to get the best results?

I use what’s in the Worldprofit system including all the 20+ traffic streams…I am always learning new techniques to use social networks (goody bag)…ibo…Udimi (moneymakers) I surf for points and purchase solos…purchase credits…Over the years I have upgraded in lots of the 20+ streams for the points. I change up subject lines…to make them punchier…I shorten the ads…I check my links alot to make sure they are correct. And I develop relationships with other marketers and owners of the safelists and traffic exchanges.

Linda, do you have a Daily Checklist of things you do to grow your business? What’s on that list?

I have a schedule I follow everyday.

Wake up (very early) start computers and have coffee…while going thru my personal emails. Send replies…and use virtual sales assistant to send to all the prospects that came in while I was sleeping.

Promotions are next. I use a 3 ring binder and have a page or two dedicated to each advertiser to date and time ads …check on commissions…promote

Shower…take kids to school etc

Start social networks and blogging…and helping monitors close sales…chat with customers…call customers…Monitor if I am needed.

Monitoring is extremely important if you are a serious business owner. Participation extremely important…Team work extremely important

Linda, how do you engage with prospects to make sales? Do you use Chat? Email? Phone? Other? A combination perhaps? What works best in your experience?

I find that calling Prospects works the best…the chat system is awesome…call loop is great…email can be iffy.

Any final words?

Final words…My success is because of everything above being done daily and diligently. Being a person who always tells the truth and is essential to growing your list and relationships online. I am very predictable…and solid. I always find a way to help others achieve their goals. Worldprofit has provided the perfect arena to make money online and have fun doing it.

Congratulations Linda Elze!

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Jan 30th, 2013: Celebration of Worldprofit’s 2012 Sales Champion, Linda Elze.

Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2012.

From all corners of the world, Members of the Worldprofit Home Business community also shared their well wishes and congratulations to Linda Elze.

Remarks from Sandi Hunter….

It’s my honour to tell you a little about Linda Elze.

Linda found Worldprofit’s Home Business Training Program in 2008.

She came to us with raw battle wounds from past business opportunities gone terribly wrong. She had lots of questions and a healthy dose of scepticism about what and if Worldprofit could deliver.

Linda wasn’t an instant success, she made mistakes, she fell flat, she got frustrated just like most people do when they set out to learn something new. In the early days, our Support database was filled with technical questions from Linda, as well as tickets questioning why she was not getting the results she wanted when she felt like she was working hard. She questioned the training, she questioned the system. She doesn’t do that anymore. She’s proved to herself and everyone else that it works.

Sound familiar? Yes, Linda like all new Members, started from square one, as a free Member, she had to learn, she had to work, continue to learn and continue to work.

Having the very unique perspective of seeing people come and go in our program over the years, we watched Linda follow the same path as so many others have.  Initially there is tremendous excitement!  Worldprofit is what I have been looking for, this program is exactly what I need to make money online. This is followed by the phase of being overwhelmed, the feeling that there is so much to do, so many resources, the work that is required, where do I start!  This is where it gets tricky.   Some people never get past this stage, they get paralyzed then do nothing. They don’t overcome this stage to see results – to see that they can really do it.  Then there are those, like Linda, who persevere through this phase and press on to get to to the good stuff – the part that is fun! The part where you start making money. Maybe not a lot at first, but something you can sink your teeth into as you start to understand how money is made online.  When that first sale comes in you want to shout ” I DID IT!

Linda’s voice must be sore from shouting by now, making sale after sale, day after day, year after year.

So how has Linda achieved this success?

Does she have some remarkable ability or super-power not obtainable by most ?

Does she have access to something that no one else does?

Is she a techie and all this stuff comes easy to her?

Having got to know Linda over the years, I can tell you it’s none of these things.

The truth is not jaw-dropping. The truth is this:

Linda has a solid work ethic. She’s a go-getter. She doesn’t wait for things to happen, SHE makes them happen. She came to Worldprofit with very little technical experience, she will tell you she is not a technical person at all. She is a marketer. She promotes DAILY to generate sales. She has access to the exact same resources at Worldprofit as all Members can enjoy.  She learned the same system as new Members get access to now. Linda is a nice person, as she builds her own business, she helps others do the same.  She’s not lost that grounding of knowing what it’s like when you first get started.

In congratulating Linda on her achievement, I asked her to share some of her insight on how she has achieved her online success in her own business.

I asked her 4 questions, this is what Linda had to share.    

1:  Linda, everyone always thinks there is a secret to success, or that you have a magic wand that you wave to instantly have success. Can you tell us what your “secret” is?

I was watching the video I did that George recorded and posted in the training section a couple of years ago … what I said then  is still current.  The Smartest thing I did was follow strong role models/mentors and millionaires, and do what they say and do…Especially when they are willing to share their expertise. I soaked this up.

When I found Worldprofit…I had tried many business opportunities that cost me over 13k. I was ready to give up. When I signed up as a Free Associate Member, and someone called out my name. in the Live Business Center,  almost fell out of my chair.  “They had me at hello”.  I feel that way every day when I wake up..get my coffee…and login. I have always been in sales…however, I have found I can only sell what I love. I have to be honest and up front…that is my greatest sales ability “the truth”. The company has to be ethical..truthful…valuable…and the a price people can afford. Worldprofit has over-delivered in every aspect of my needs or wants. So if “Pride” or “Love” “Relentless”…are magic wands..there you go. I want everyone to feel what I felt when I almost fell out of my chair the first time.

2.  Linda, can you tell us what it is about the Worldprofit earn-at-home training system that helps you to make money online? Be specific.

Having LIVE experts greeting my customers in the Live Business Center – is the best. It’s on 24 hours a day! It’s a perfect sales system. Having so many ways to get sales and make money is a PLUS. This could be Silver Memberships (my fave) or design services or Clickbank Promo…or the new Fast Cash program. I love the multiple streams of income. There is great advertising resources…and I make money from them all the time. I do my promotions in the morning, then social networks and do my Dealer help in the afternoon…along with blogging etc.  I make a schedule that is livable..and I stick to it.

The training at Worldprofit is the best ..I start with the first steps  then move up to expert.  And anything new out there..George Kosch gets it right away for us Members .. he makes us a gizmo..or buys resale rights.. Whalaa! We get it and we benefit.

We have a great community also. I don’t know If Worldprofit meant to create a great family..but that is what happened.. We were all in tears when Erin passed away. And we have our own pastors that have said prayers for me and others on screen. I am not able to travel, yet I feel like I have done alot of traveling because our friends from all over the world. We all come from different walks of life and all have something to contribute. I am logged in 12 to 14 hours a day. Participation is essential to success. It is so awesome that we are so transparent.

3.  Linda, if you could give newbies some advice to follow in your footsteps what would you say?

I would say, first and foremost to follow the Home Business Bootcamp…sign up for ALL the streams of income…dig in to the  Worldprofit Dealer  Member area…learn something new as often as possible. Know your dealer area.  Know your ad examples..and your Ad Tracker Tool.  Go  to the Resellers club and the PLR Vault…pick a book..and read and learn. Be organized. A “paper notebook” never crashes.  Be consistent and persistent and relentless.You found the right place to  make  money online.

4. Linda, anything else you would like to share?

Listen to George Kosch. I try to implement what he teaches within a couple days of training so it becomes part of my schedule. He never lies. He is very invested in our success. Sandi always sends us “help” in her emails to us. Read them..It is not spam. Be the woodpecker. Be courteous to Worldprofit’s Support Team, they are here to help us.

Thank you Linda for sharing your thoughts. You are an inspiration to so many. Congratulations on being Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2012!

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