FEATURED Worldprofit Member: Lisa Martiniuk

Lisa Martiniuk
Lisa Martiniuk

Congratulations to Lisa Martiniuk for being selected as our FEATURED Worldprofit Member.

You may have already met the well spoken and charming Lisa in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, in this interview she shares her insight and expertise about her success as an online entrepreneur. Lisa has devoted countless hours to developing her own successful business as well as giving back to our home community serving as a well respected elite member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.

Worldprofit Member Profile

Lisa Martiniuk
Platinum VIP Member, MCEC
Worldprofit Sr. Monitor
Resides in Alberta, Canada
http://www.TheHomeOfficePeople.com (Business Site)
http://www.FreeTimeSafelist.com (Safelist owner)

Lisa, can you share a little bit about you? Your background? Experience?

Working in the Utility sector, as an Operator, evolving technology assured me a new learning experience. My familiarity with computers and the internet, at the time, were nil. HMI, PLC, IT; it was all Greek to me. That was my introduction to the Internet, and what a valuable service a Programmer provided. The ability to access your operations from across the continent, if need be, to resolve glitches. I would say I happened across Worldprofit as more of an interest in learning about website hosting, and online instructional learning from a volunteer aspect, rather than looking to make money online, or start a home-based business. Worldprofit seemed to encompass my original interests, and, as well, I found the perfect avenue to supplement my future retirement.

Lisa, how long have you been with Worldprofit? What keeps you motivated?

I have been with Worldprofit for (8) years now. My motivation stems from enjoyment of the continual learning curve, having access to a great, supportive community, and recognizing that Worldprofit has all the provisions for building a solid, long-term, sustainable income source, which will benefit future generations.

Can you tell us Lisa, are there any specific tools or resources provided by Worldprofit that you use to build your business or improve your understanding of online marketing?

The resources I frequently utilize are the Virtual Sales Assistant, the Call Loop System, the Promo-Bots, Solo Blaster, Article Directory, InstaBuilder, Landing Page Builder, Auto-Text, Money-Makers, and more recently, the Sales Funnels, and Live Sales Chat System. All are valuable, and immense time-savers, once set in place.

What do you enjoy Lisa about being a Monitor? What have you learned?

I’ve always believed that you should give back to the community that supports you. That is reward in itself. Although it was a major hurdle for me to overcome, I had the privilege of being taught just how important it was to effectively communicate with each individual to ascertain the benefits Worldprofit could provide for them. In turn, I hope I am able to convey the same to future Monitors.

Lisa, based on your experience as a long time Member, do you have any suggestions for new Worldprofit members?

Oh yes, indeed. Listen to George Kosch. Do what George tells you to do. If (usually when, is more likely) you find yourself finally submitting a Support Ticket saying, “But George……..???” Just this simple act alone, on your part, to request help, and then TO DO what he tells you to do, you deserve a pat on the back for actually being willing to listen, and learn, “By George, He Was Right!”

Do you have a Daily Checklist or routine you rely on for growing your business? Lisa, what are your success habits?

I would have to say I use Linda Elze as my Role Model. I try to set aside time to promote on a daily basis, then check emails and correspondence. Those are my first considerations. I ensure I keep up to date with Bootcamp Training, and implement any new features’ that I feel will benefit me, in the future.

Lisa, what kinds of promotion do you find brings the best results?

Definitely the 20+ income/Traffic Streams, Fast-Track Visitors, and purchasing Solo Ads from various sources ie Udimi, or just sharing a link via Google+ , Twitter, or Facebook.

Lisa, do you have any last words you would like to share about your experiences with Worldprofit?

Worldprofit Rocks!!

Editor’s Note:

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