Review: March 8, 2013 LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with Marketing Expert George Kosch. Hosted by Worldprofit Inc.

Today’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with marketing expert, George Kosch, was PACKED!

Topics, discussions and demonstrations covered during the training:

Welcome to new Members who have recently joined Worldprofit.

Brief overview of how the Worldprofit System works (discussion and diagrams)

Advertising: What you need to know. George displayed on screen the section of the Member area where we provide a list of recommended free and paid advertising sites. Time was spent advising on what kind of advertising to AVOID , example Paid Signup Types of Advertising . The Ad Tracker, why this is such a valuable tool, and the reason we include it at no extra cost for all Members.

Reality Check: Being realistic about results. What to take into consideration, as well as the importance of not trying to "buy your success" rather then doing the work.

Training Videos:   George directed Members to the Worldprofit Training Video Library that offers a variety of videos all related to online marketing including a search field to easily find what you are looking for. Also, within the member area on the TOP MENU in the training section are all the videos recorded from the LIVE training sessions, as well as tutorials on Worldprofit products and services.

Phishing Emails:  What you need to know  to avoid getting caught by the baddies that send these messages out.

Incentives and Offers:   George noted the importance and value of the items in the Worldprofit Goody Bag for generating upgrades and sales.  The items in the Goody Bag are free for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members. A demonstration was shown on how to give someone a BONUS to entice sales (for whatever you are selling).   Specifically the Offer Builder was demonstrated, this is a free service included in your Worldprofit Membership.

Blog Integration into the Silver and Platinum VIP Websites.  George did a demonstration of how easy it is now to post content to your blog with your Silver or Platinum VIP site. Now with the press of a button you can blog about products, post articles, post offers, post whatever you like to keep your site active and keep the search engines visiting your site.   George demonstrated how Members benefit from the new website – if you haven’t been there have a look.

Live Site Chat: George showed on screen, how Members can add LIVE SITE CHAT to your own website for interacting with prospects.

What’s in Development

Worldprofit Marketplace.

Participants in today’s training got a sneek peak at the new Worldprofit Marketplace. Many of our Members are involved in a number of affiliate program so will be very excited when this new service is released. 

In concluding, George thanked everyone for attending and expressed sincere Appreciation to the Monitors for their commitment of time and incredible dedication. You

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW Worldprofit Members:

If you are brand new to Worldprofit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you have been provided, or the various terms being use, we urge you watch the BASIC TRAINING VIDEO. The basic training video covers terms you should know, the basics of our program and what you need to focus on to get on track to making money online with the Worldprofit system. Find this video in your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then click on the link for the video that is marked as the MUST WATCH BEGINNER’S VIDEO. If you have any questions submit a Support form so we can also help you that way.

Thank you to each of you for participating in today’s LIVE interactive Home business bootcamp training. Attending the training, then actually DOING what is taught is the key to your success in building your online business and earning income.

We had lots of questions today and we encourage this. The LIVE training is the perfect opportunity to tap into George Kosch’s expertise and get direct instant answers with on-screen demonstration as relevant.

If you missed some or all of the LIVE training program it will be posted to the Worldprofit member area within 24 hours in the TRAINING SECTION.

NEXT LIVE HOME BUSINESS TRAINING:  Friday March 15th, 2013 at 10 AM CT. 

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