Worldprofit Releases Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit

Today, Worldprofit Inc., announced the release of a new value added service for Members, called the Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit.

George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit made these remarks about the announcement. “Doing business online requires a defined Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Now we have made this easier for our Members by providing a number of automated applications for achieving higher page ranking in the major search engines. We released the first of a number of these Search Engine Promotion applications this week in the form of a Backlinking Tool. We considered purchasing this service for our Members or making recommendations where they could buy this service, but in the end we decided to build our own application. Once we built the Backlink Tool and tested, we released it to our Members at no cost. Search Engine Optimization is critical to profiting online. Since it’s our goal at Worldprofit to put the most effective profit and promotion tools into the hands of our Members, it just made sense to include this as a free value added service. We’ve been getting feedback from our Members already who’ve used the Backlink tool and in 24 hours some have seen their page ranking increase from “site not found” to appearing on the first page.”

“We’ve got more work to do” continued George. “Search Engine Promotion strategies are always changing but there are some key core fundamentals that we share with our Members, and they can look forward to more tools being released in upcoming weeks and months.”

Worldprofit Members can login to their Members area to access the new free Backlink Tool under the Search Engine Optimization Promotion Tool Kit.

Anyone not a Member interested in how Worldprofit helps you build your own successful online business, can get a free Associate membership at:

Worldprofit unveils new SEO Tool: the Backlink tool

Today Worldprofit Inc., announced the company is working on several Automated SEO Promotion Tools for the the benefit of its Silver and Platinum Members.

The first of many of these tools was released today and this one is the “Automatic Backlink Tool

Other companies charge for this service in range of $40 – $500 Plus. You can confirm this yourself. Go to Google and enter the search term “SEO BACKLINKS.” You will be KNOCKED over by what other companies charge for a service that Worldprofit provides to Members 100% FREE.

Commented George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit, “We’ve been working around the clock to provide Worldprofit Members with the most powerful tools available to build an online business. When our entire Automated SEO Promotion Tool Kit is completed it will be valued at over $1,000. The Automatic Backlink Tool is just the first of our releases, others will be added shortly.”

For more information go to:

Members can login now to access the Automated Backlink tool.

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