What to look for when buying SOLO Ads or Solo Advertising

At World Profit’s Customer Service and Support Center we field a lot of questions from affiliate marketers about how to get the best bank for their advertising buck, specifically inquiring about Solo Ads.

Solo Advertising – What you Need to Know

Some of our World Profit Members have been taken in by some dishonest Solo Ad Vendors not associated with Worldprofit.

We’ve written these guidelines to help you make good decisions when purchasing solo ads.

Solo Ads are an effective and powerful way to promote your affiliate links and grow your email marketing list.

Here’s how it works.

You submit your ad to a Solo Ad Vendor / Seller and he / she sends your ad out to a Subscriber list (email marketing list).
If your Solo Ad is well written and compelling, you should immediately start getting a flow of optins and people joining your own email marketing list or autoresponder. The Vendor may or may not provide you with some type of tracking for your Solo Ad stats.

Solo Ad Advantages

  • Solo Ads are effective for promoting affiliate marketing links, online business opportunities and MLM (business models that are often banned by Facebook or Twitter)
  • It’s excellent target marketing as your Solo Ad gets sent to a subscriber list – people who have agreed to receive marketing promotions. The list recipients are involved in affiliate marketing themselves and are motivated as they may earn credits for viewing the ads in exchange for agreeing to receive email promotions.
  • Usually there are few limits on the size of your Solo Ad
  • Warm and receptive market as people who receive the solo ads have agreed to and are expecting to receive various marketing promotions.
  • Easy to Track optins to test your ad, your marketing campaign and the list

Solo Ad Disadvantages

There are actually NO disadvantages to the practice of Solo Ads, the disadvantages are solely related to the honesty and reliability of the VENDOR / SELLER of the Solo Ads.

Here’s what to watch out for when evaluating Solo Advertising Vendors

1. If the Vendor insists that you use ONLY their Capture Page, and not one of your own, be cautious.
Reason: Some vendors require you use their Contact page so they have complete control and can "inject" the lead form with bot traffic.
This makes you think you are getting a large number of optins but ou can’t tell the source or the type of traffic, you just know you are getting a lot of leads / optins. While initially you may be impressed with the optin rate, you eventually try to contact those people and your fears are confirmed, they are fake, or the trend is consistent that a large number of the leads state they never signed up for anything. In the case where a login is required, you may notice that the lead never logs in, very strange.
Unscrupulous vendors use robotic software programs that have Auto Form Fill functions and that can vary the IP, so it seems that the leads are coming from different computer and parts of the world. The fact that these are robotic software programs means they can churn out unlimited "leads" and "optins" to unknowing, trusting buyers.

2. If there is no way to get on the list of the Vendor / Seller to actually see and receive your Solo Ads and those ads of other marketers, be skeptical.
Reason: If the Vendor has a list of subscribers there should be no reason why you cannot subscribe to that list to get a confirmation or verification of your Solo Ad as a recipient.

3. If the Vendor / Seller won’t allow you to use your own 3rd party tracking software, ask questions.
Without your own 3rd party, unbiased tracker, you have no choice but to trust that what they reveal is truthful.
Using your own good quality tracker program can reveal to you referral source, IP, time on page, exit times and more. extremely useful data that can reveal REAL traffic from FAKE traffic.

4. At World Profit, our experience in testing some of these SOLO Ad Vendors ourselves is that they will simply send you business opportunity seeker leads. You get them fast so you think these people responded to your Solo Ad. We suspect it’s a practice designed to keep you quiet and avoid a refund request. Some of the leads received may be re-used/resold respondents from long long ago, not entirely worthless, but not the same quality as an actual recent respondent to your ad and offer.

5. If the Refund Policy Guarantees Conversion or you don’t pay, ask questions and read the fine print.
Reason: Sketchy vendors use words like 100% Risk Free to gain your trust and ease your worry. They know you are busy and most people don’t take the time to read Terms and Conditions. If you take the time to read the Refund Policy who will often find there are conditions or a cancellation fee, or you could unintentionally violate their terms making your refund null and void.

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