Review of George Kosch’s Sep 26, 2014 Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Recap of Bootcamp Training Sep 26 (link to recording is below.)

George Kosch provides the LIVE Home Business interactive training every week for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
The training is focused on you and teaching what you need to do to earn consistent income from trusted online sources. Questions are encouraged and requests for demonstrations are always welcome. We want this training to be as helpful and meaningful to you as possible.

Major Discussion and Training Topics during this training session.

-Overview of Worldprofit’s earn at home training and traffic generation program.

-Promotion and marketing – basics.

-What to do if you are a NEW Member at Worldprofit.

-Worldprofit’s Monitor Network – how these fine people work for you to close YOUR sales.

-Safelists and Exchanges – What you SHOULD promote and what you should NOT promote to Safelists and Exchanges – it matters!

-Conversion Rates: What is reasonable to expect.

Featured Worldprofit Services

Website Management System – George demonstrated how to use the Website Management System INCLUDED in your Membership. With this you can add pages, banners, affiliate code, videos, pages, change your template, and much more.

Who’s Logged In. The TOP Dealers all rely on the Who’s Logged in tool INCLUDED in your Membership to know exactly WHO are your best prospects.

Traffic Control: Silver and Platinum VIP Members have access to free advertising credits. George explained how to access these free Ad credits in your Member area. Use these free ad credits to promote any and all your programs.

Monthly Traffic Injections: George reminded members that you are entitled to receive a MONTHLY traffic injection. Silver memmbers get a basic injection while Platinum VIP Members get a TurboBoost Injection. George demonstrated where to access this in your member area and why you need to inject your traffic each month to benefit. This is just one of the reasons so many Members can’t even think about giving up their Worldprofit Membership.

George reminded Members that many of services and products in the member area include an INTRO video or HELP Video that you are encouraged to watch BEFORE you use the service. Please watch this as it will save you time and make sure you get maximum value.

Did you know that Worldprofit Members have access to over 1500 advertising sources – really good ones too – ones we’ve used, tested and recommend. You can use these to promote any and all your affiliate programs and business opportunites as well as those ones offered by Worldprofit.

Other topics:

-Sneak peak at some new software that George ksoch has purchased the rights to and how it will benefit Worldprofit -members.

-IBO ToolBox

-What is a Worldprofit CEC designation and what is an MCEC designation?

Concluding Remarks

Thank you to each of you for attending the LIVE training session with your personal instructor George Kosch.
The recording of the Sept 26 session can be viewed here:

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp is Friday Oct 3rd.

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