George Kosch releases his latest Ebook, Ultimate List Building Tactics. The Money Is In the LIST!

Ultimate List Building Tactics by George Kosch

George Kosch’s newest ebook

Ultimate List Building Tactics. The Money Is In the LIST!

….is READY!

George Kosch is the co-founder of Worldprofit, a multi-million dollar internet based company that has now grown to over 2 MILLION members.
In his 20 years of business, George has learned more than a thing or two about email marketing, a broad subject that is broken down into 9 easy to follow informative chapters. Both newbies and seasoned marketers will want to get their hands on this ebook!

If you’ve got a list, you have access to making money – all day – every day. BUT, you must know what you are doing!

In this revealing ebook George shares valuable insider insight on how to market your own online business by growing your own email marketing list, specifically:

What is list building and why you need to build a list
Email Marketing, what you must know to get results
List Building Basics from Autoresponders to Squeeze Pages
Wordpress – easy and essential to your email marketing campaign
Blogging essentials – what you must do to get SEO ranking
Lead Capture Forms – no leads, no sales. Do this to get leads, all day every day.
The fundamental keys to list building success – how to get MORE subscribers honestly!
Creating high value email campaigns
Effective Newsletter Strategies
Ensuring DELIVERY of your email marketing messages

Soft marketing versus aggressive marketing – what will deliver the BEST results!
Ebooks, reports, offers
Contests, Entry Wall, Strategies for pulling in prospects consistently
Incentives – how to get them to actually buy and buy now!
Target marketing
Social Media Marketing – So important, he tells you why and what to do
How to get people to READ and RESPOND to your messages
Converting LIKES into Email Subscribers
Influence Marketing, getting people to share and talk about your messages
Ad Swaps, Solo Ads, what are they and what successful marketers know that you don’t
Profiting from your list, creating emails that SELL
How to make money every tme you press SEND to your Email list
Building Buz and Anticipation
Sales Funnels – oh boy these can make you money!
Affiliate marketing – easy money – a must for anyone with a large and growing email list

Now for a limited time George Kosch is giving away his secrets, strategies and expertise ALL in one good-for-you information dense ebook.

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