Worldprofit’s Magic List Builder, one of the most popular products as rated by members.

Featured Worldprofit Service…. the Magic List Builder (included in your Worldprofit Membership at NO extra cost).

One of the biggest problems people new to online business face, is how to build a list. You’ve heard it is important to have a list of potential buyers, and that you need to grow a list but how do you do this?

The Magic List Builder is one of our most popular tools and is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

This clever tool allows you to add a POP-UP Box on ANY webpage. The power of the POP-UP box is that it keeps people going to your own URL (website) to see both the page you are promoting and your Associate/Newsletter sign up box. So this tool provides you with both promotion and list building.

George Kosch, your Home Business Bootcamp Instructor has recorded a video so you can see exactly how the Magic List Builder works and how you benefit by using it. Please watch the video so you can see for yourself how this works.

How to Access your Magic List Builder

After you have watched the video you can access the Magic List Builder by looking on the left menu for the CLICKBANK STORE heading, then select MAGIC LIST BUILDER from the sub-menu.

There you will see how to add your URL (website address) to your Landing Pages, your newsletter, to LIVE chat, and to your Autoresponder.

You are going to LOVE this tool. It’s easy to use and very powerful. Other companies sell a similiar but inferior product to our Magic List Builder. We give Magic List Builder to our Members at NO cost. Don’t think free means this is not valuable, many of our Top Sellers use the Magic List Builder. You should too.

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VIDEO BLOGS: A GREAT way to BRAND yourself. A powerful way to get the Search Engines to visit your site more often.

By now you should know what a Blog. It is a site where you can post content, links, images, articles and more.
A VIDEO Blog is even more powerful because it focuses on video content.

Blogs are powerful because they are filled with key words and links that are attractive to search engines. Updating your blog on a regular basis by loading new videos keeps the search engines coming back to index your site which helps with key word site ranking especially for niche blogs.

Google owns YouTube. Google spiders the web constantly and videos are indexed quickly. If you have both video AND content on your blog, you INCREASE Google and other search engines interest in your site. The more often your site is visited by search engines, and the more FRESH content you have on your site the better indexed your site will be. The more QUALITY content you have, and the more videos you post the better.

Worldprofit offers an OPTIONAL service where we will set up a VIDEO BLOG for you, for a one time set up fee.

Here is what you get when your order your own Worldprofit Video Blog Plug In.

1. We setup a Video Blog site on YOUR domain with this kind of URL:
(Your domain name would replace the one in the example)

2. All security patches and hosting is handled and set up by Worldprofit. No need to find a host, we set up our hosting.

Some Key Points About Video Blogs:

– Video Blog sites attract traffic and busy sites attract Google for search engine indexing.
– IMPORTANT: video blogs can be tied into your free Channel. We show you how all of this can be done at NO extra cost.
– A Video Blog site expand your online property!
– We give you sources to software to record your screen
– Once setup YOU are in control and can grow your blog site using the incredible power of WordPress!
– use your Video Blog to generate leads
– use your Video Blog to build your email marketing list
– generate more traffic by adding fresh content on a regular basis.
– use your video blog to brand yourself, post your own videos from YouTube
– record and post any videos you like, do product reviews, do a promotion video, do a recruitment video for each and ALL of your various programs, post videos from others. It’s up to you what you post.

We offer the VIDEO BLOG service for a ONE time setup cost.

Here’s how to find out more about getting your own VIDEO BLOG.

In your Worldprofit member area on LEFT MENU, select PLUGINS/Blogs/Cpanel then click on VIDEO BLOGS.

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REMINDER: LIVE Home business bootcamp with George Kosch is FRIDAY JAN 1, 2016 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
Hope to see you there!
Access is within your Worldprofit member area.