Worldprofit Inc., Releases Video Blog Site.

This week long-standing Home Business Training company, Worldprofit Inc., released a new Video Blog.
George Kosch, Technical Director at Worldprofit, as well as Bootcamp Instructor developed the Home Business Bootcamp training program in 1994.
The live weekly training focuses on helping people learn how to earn at home using proven effective marketing strategies as well as providing and recommending products and services to sell online to earn consistent income from home.
Says George Kosch, "In recent years the number of people looking for ways to earn at home has grown considerably. Worldprofit started as a home business nearly 20 years ago, back when YouTube didn’t even exist. Today, the popularity of video and the simplicity of webcasting has allowed us to expand our reach and train more people around the world. We added the Video Blog so that all of our make money at home training videos could be sourced in one location."
Worldprofit’s Video Blog can be viewed at
The corporate site for Worldprofit is at
With over 1 million free Associate members, Worldprofit continues to be the original, most comprehensive and popular choice for people who want to learn how to earn at home. Services include WordPress website hosting, email marketing, software, search engine optimization, content management systems, ebook publishing, custom site development, reseller and affiliate opportunities, and of course the online Home Business Bootcamp Training.