How to protect your personal and business interests from Malware and Viruses


In our Worldprofit technical support department we often hear from customers who have suffered from identity theft, or had their business operations grind to a halt due to computer viruses, or have had unauthorized access to their bank accounts due to malware and other viruses. Not only is is upsetting it can cost you time, frustration, loss of identity, even loss of income and data.

So evil and clever are the creator of these viruses and malware programs they can lurk unnoticed on your computer for days, months or years. These malicious programs can steal your login details, track your keystrokes, or harvest your computer as a clone for file and virus distribution without your knowledge.

The best way to protect yourself is with a purchased paid Virus Detection program. The anti virus software that is offered free does not offer anywhere near the protection offered by paid for programs.

I recommend my customers use Kaspersky Labs Total System protection. Secure your home computer or organization with ultimate protection for all your devices. In case you are wondering if I am getting a kickback for this recommendation, the answer is no. I simply use and like the product and wish to make this recommendation to save people the hassle and headache of viruses and malware. Even savvy computer users have fallen victim to malware. The cost of Kaspersky is very small.

Canadian customers can download Kaspersky at

American customers access at

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