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Happy 94th Birthday Wallace Johnson

From all of us at World Profit we send heartfelt love and well wishes out to our favorite Apollo Project Astronaut – Wallace Johnson.

Wallace Johnson is an online business owner, Author, current Platinum VIP Member and former Monitor.

He’s 94 today – join us in celebrating this incredible person.

From One to Infinity with Synergy by Wallace Johnson.

About Wallace A. Johnson MBA


Born April 18th. 1925 at Taft California, Mr. Johnson is a Californian who was reared in Havana, Cuba from the time he was six months old, till 1933. He attended Spanish speaking school to the 3rd. grade and became fluent in Spanish since is mother was of Spanish extraction and Spanish was the primary language spoken in the home. A local revolution on the island nation found his father concerned for the safety of the family, so he decided to return to their home in Houston, Texas where Mr. Johnson attended Elementary, Middle, and High School.

On September 30th. 1941, Mr. Johnson joined the US NAVY. Surviving WWII, he received various awards and campaign medals, including a Presidential Unit Citation. In his Navy career, Me. Johnson was trained in the art of celestial navigation and acted as assistant navigator and communication specialist. He was trained in emergency ship handling techniques and qualified as a harbor pilot for the port of Kodiak Alaska where he was Assistant Harbormaster. Promoted through the ranks, he ultimately was selected to attend the Navy’s Electronics School at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet CVA 12. where he served as it’s Chief Electronics Technician for six months and was later transferred back to the Electronics School where he served as an Instructor in Electronics until his retirement from the service on August 1st. 1960.

While in the service, Mr. Johnson acquired two years of college credits through the United States Armed Forces Institute, University of Wisconsin. In 1948 while in the service, he attended the Friedkin School of Aeronautics where he acquired Federal Aviation Administration credentials as a Commercial Pilot (Single and Multi-Engine Land) and (Single Engine Sea) ratings. That was followed by a Certified Flight Instructors Rating as well as a Ground Instructors Rating in Navigation, Meteorology, Civil Air Regulations, Aircraft Airframes and Power Plants. As a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, he flight instructed in his private plane and subsequently acquired in excess of 10,000 to the present day. He served as President of the Alameda Aero Club for three years flying out of the U.S. Naval Air Station, Alameda, Ca. and the Oakland International Airport, Oakland Ca.

When he retired from the service in 1960, Mr. Johnson joined North American Aviation where his specialty was Inertial Guidance Navigation Systems. He flew under contract to the Strategic Air Command as an Air Crew Flight Instructor flying in Boeing B-52 Strategic Bombers out of Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, Mississippi. In 1962, he was recalled to North American Aviation, in Downey, Ca. as a Member of the Technical Staff to act as a Research Engineer Pilot. Working with the original 7 Astronauts, he participated as a pilot subject in many hours of Apollo Capsule simulator missions. He wrote Test Plans and conducted studies utilizing the Apollo Astronauts as pilot subjects. He left North American Rockwell Inc. in 1970 after the successful lunar landing.

For three years, 1970 to 1973, Mr. Johnson was employed as a Broker Dealer and Registered Representative of the National Association of Security Dealers.

He joined Litton Guidance & Control Systems Division in 1973 as a Senior Field Engineer and was responsible for the establishment and operation of an Inertial Navigation Laboratory at an Army Air Intelligence Squadron, Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, Alaska and the US Naval Air Station, Alameda, Ca. He retired from Litton in 1992.

While Flight Instructing, Mr. Johnson has done business as DEWAJ ENTERPRISES. He was under contract to AAE, LTD. Blue Springs, Mo. as a Consultant and Executive Assistant. He was responsible for writing the Flight Test Plans for testing a Fire Extinguishing System on United Airlines Boeing 727 & 737 aircraft. This effort involved test flights in the aircraft flying out of San Francisco International Airport as well as Indianapolis, Indiana, and culminated in a mandate from the Federal Aviation Administration requiring the installation of AAE, LTD. Fire Extinguishing Systems in all 727’s & 737’s.

An avid flying enthusiast, he has been named to Who’s Who in American Aviation and Who’s Who in California. Mr. Johnson is also an Amateur Radioman holding and Advanced License (W6OCR). He dabbles in writing, oil paintings, photography and computers. and

Happy Birthday Wallace Johnson!

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to our long time friend and colleague, Wallace Johnson.

On April 18th, Wallace celebrates his 93rd birthday and he continually proves that age is no obstacle in building a successful online business.
He started his online business with Worldprofit well into his 80’s.

For those of you who may not know Wallace, he’s a long time loyal Platinum VIP Member, MCEC, and SR member of Worldprofit’s Monitor Team.
Before Wallace came to Worldprofit he was a former Test Pilot with the USA Apollo Project Lunar Landing Mission and now he’s an online success story with a portfolio of online business interests under the umbrella – Spaceship DEWAJ. Wallace has had quite a unique and interesting life! Read his very interesting blog at

Wallace is an active and successful online business owner, who maintains his own safelist, and his primary site is:

If you’re lucky, one of these days, you may catch Wallace, Monitoring in our LIVE Business Center. He volunteers to help others learn how to earn online by making success happen with hard work and determination. If you see him today, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wallace, our friend, it’s our distinct pleasure to know and have worked with you over the last 10+ years.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch
Worldprofit Inc.

Happy Birthday Wallace Johnson!

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to Wallace Johnson on his 92nd Birthday!

Wallace is a former Test Pilot and Commander for the Apollo Space Project and a long time well respected, much loved friend to all.

Read more at his blog,

You can reach Wallace on Twitter to send your well wishes,

and Facebook,

Here’s to many more!

Worldprofit thanks Wallace Johnson.

A warm THANK YOU goes out to those who have submitted a Testimonial about Worldprofit’s services, training and support.
We really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the work we do.

Here we feature a testimonial submitted by Wallace Johnson. THANK YOU Wallace for taking the time to do so!
We are truly honoured to have enjoyed your friendship and support over the last 10 years, we look forward to many more.
Wallace proves to us all that age is no obstacle in growing your successful online business. You are an inspiration to all.

“As a Former Test Pilot on the Apollo Program (The Lunar Landing), I have enjoyed a certain degree of success as the Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ, a (Daring Enterprise With A Journey). I give Worldprofit much of the credit in that Worldprofit’s leadership of George Kosch and Sandi Hunter have provided me and my Worldprofit Associates the necessary skills to accomplish our mission. Worldprofit has provided Product Support as well as Training, Tools, Tips, and above all Traffic. I have been with Worldprofit almost ten years and highly recommend it as the solution to the challenge encountered by those who desire to be a success while working from home.”

Wallace Johnson, Alameda, CA, USA
Former Test Pilot on the Apollo Program
Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ,
Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member
SR. Monitor and Supervisor to the Monitor Team
Safelist owner,

Worldprofit Bootcamp Updates for April 15, 2014.


Thank you so much to Kevin, and so many others who have sent in such nice words about Worldprofit services!

It is so motivating to hear direct from you, how the services we offer are helping you build your online business.
We’ll run these in our blog and in the Bootcamp Newsletter.

Kevin’s review of Worldprofit:

“For once in my 29 years of efforts Worldprofit has shown me a list makes money on line. I have tried everything and spent thousands before finding the place I now call home. I set everything aside cleared my office and began listening. I knew going in that the one thing that can not be faked is results. No matter how well your site looks to Google you still need thousands to promote it. Here you are shown how by a team that has been successfully training people like me for almost 18 years. Knowing I would never have to pay some one else to promote my e-business sites meant I could now be in charge. I want to thank George Kosch for his programing and IT work. We enjoy a Friday seminar of training that I learn something from every time.  Finally Sandi Hunter with her wisdom and marketing skills makes the perfect balance. To sum up everything I have seen is simple. Anyone who heard free in the past thinks it is a four letter word. Here it is, a reality if needed.”

Kevin Deadder
California, USA.


We’re having a PARTY! A birthday party for Wallace Johnson who is turning 89!


Wallace Johnson, former astronaut, dedicated Monitor, Sales Champion and long time loyal Worldprofit Dealer is turning 89 years of age.

We’re celebrating Wallace’s special day on THURSDAY APRIL 17th at 1 pm ET.

We hope you will join us then in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center.

!!!!   Wallace shows no sign of slowing down he’s currently # 3 on April’s Top Sellers list.

Come and meet the man! Be inspired by what can be accomplished at ANY age!

See you then.

Sandi, George
Worldprofit co-founders


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Also CHEERS to the following who are following the training and placed in the TOP 10 for June.

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Wallace Johnson is Worldprofit’s Top Seller for May 2013. Congratulations!

Wallace Johnson at the young age of 88 is Worldprofit’s TOP Seller for the second consecutive month  CONGRATULATIONS Wallace!

You inspire so many of us with your integrity, determination and hard work ethic – proving that age is not a limitation in building a successful online business.  Let’s not forget either that Wallace is a heck of a nice guy too!

To each of our hard working dealer who made the Worldprofit  TOP 20 Sellers list this month – give yourself a pat on the back – YOU are making it happen!

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Wallace Johnson maintains his lead as the # 1 Seller at Worldprofit for Month of April.

Wallace Johnson remains in the lead as the TOP SELLER for April!

What’s his secret? He’s promoting consistently. If you are struggling with promotion see BELOW.
Wallace Johnson is 88 years old and is PROOF that anyone who works hard can build an online business – at any age!


Worldprofit Dealer Training Meeting TODAY APRIL 27th at 2 CT . All Silver and Platinum VIP Members invited to attend.


THANK YOU TO PATRICE PORTER for your nice words! We are so glad we aren’t letting you down and you see the value of your Worldprofit Membership.

"Hi Sandi and your support team! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate getting quick replies to my support tickets and how helpful you have been. It really makes a difference to why I stay with Worldprofit as to other programs I’ve been involved with who didn’t give the support. Thanks again! Patrice Porter


The recording of Friday April 26th home business bootcamp training with George Kosch is NOW posted.

George spent considerable time today talking about the critical importance of promotion, specifically;

what to promote
where to promote
how to promote
why you must promote to build your list and build your sales.

George shared what works to generate subscribers and make sales. Throughout the training he referenced tools, resources and software including in the Worldprofit Silver membership to help Members build ANY online business. The training Worldprofit provides and the resources includes teach you how to build MULTIPLE streams of income.

The 3 keys to earning online are:

-Having access to quality products and services to sell
-Applying proven strategies for building a legitimate email marketing list
-Applying proven effective promotion methods to make sales.

Worldprofit provides Members with training and tools to accomplish each of these key elements.

Throughout the training George answered questions from participants and provided demonstrations as relevant to the discussion.

The first 60 minutes of the LIVE training was recorded and is now posted to the Worldprofit member area in the TRAINING section. In the second hour of the training, George discussed some more advanced topics related to blogging, security and WordPress.

Direct link to April 26, 2013 Home Business Bootcamp Video Training:

Thank you to all Worldprofit members who attended the training today. This training is 100% for you to help you build your online business. Your questions, enthusiasm and feedback are valuable aspects to our Home Business Community.

The next LIVE Home Business Training session with George Kosch is Friday May 3rd, 2013.

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Wallace Johnson Turns 88! Worldprofit celebrates

 Wallace Johnson turned 88 today (Thursday April 18th, 2013).  We’re having a party for him!

We are  celebrating this great man and his special day and we would like YOU to join us!

Many of you know Wallace as one of our most dedicated Worldprofit Monitors, for others he may be your Sponsor. To all of us, he is an inspiration and a true friend. Wallace is a shining example of what can be accomplished at any age with a positive attitude, hard work and determination. Wallace shows no sign of slowing down and is consistently one of Worldprofit’s Top Sellers.  Wallace Johnston started his online business in 1997 and  this month he is tied for first place in sales

The party will be THURSDAY APRIL 18th, 2013  at 3 PM CT in Worldprofit’s LIVE BUSINESS CENTER.

We will invite Members of our community to share their birthday well wishes.

Wallace has led a very interesting life, for those of you who don’t know, he is a former Apollo Test Pilot and worked with Neil Armstrong.

You can visit Wallace Johnson’s site and join his crew at:

Happy Birthday Wallace, may you have many, many more!

Sandi Hunter, George Kosch and the entire Worldprofit Home Business Community.