5 Essentials every online marketer must know. If you are a new Affiliate Marketer read this!

So you want to make some extra money online by being an Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing is fun and you’ve got lots of choices for what you can promote PLUS lots of places to advertise at no cost or low cost. I don’t have to even tell you what to market, you have so many choices. Companies want people to become an Affiliate and market their product online and pay you a commission for doing so.  A great gig for anyone who wants to work from home.

Amazon may be one of the largest companies familiar to you that offers an Affiliate program.  Clickbank is another very familiar name, allowing you to promote thousands of digital products and earn a commission for your efforts. It’s free to get started so you can sign up for a free account and learn more about how affiliate marketing works without making an investment.   

If you are new to online marketing, here are five essentials you need to know so you can maximize what you earn as an Affiliate.

1.  For those serious about building an online business and who want to market a number of programs, product, services or opportunities, you will want to start with a home base for your activities. The best way to do this is by booking your own domain name. This will cost you as little as $10 a year and establishes a permanent, reputable home for your business. If you are doing affiliate marketing on the side from your full time occupation (like so many do), it will also help your activities separate. Having your own domain name makes you and your business look more solid, accountable and professional. Your domain name can be your name, a business name, a catch-all name for your online activities that includes a few key words.    You can book a domain name with a reputable domain registrar, do a search at Google or Bing to find an option that works best for you.

2. In my role as a consultant to small and home business owners, I also recommend a system for organizing your business. A pen and paper will work initially.  Over time you will come to recognize that as an online marketer time, and the saving of time, is critical to being able to market often  and efficiently. You see,  most websites that offer advertising require you to sign up for Membership account, and that means multiple user name and passwords at what could eventually be dozens and dozens of sites. So I recommend, a Password Manager program called Roboform. As your online business grows and you start to lose your sanity keeping track of all your user names and passwords you will come to realize the incredible organization value of a program like Roboform. It will make your logins or form filling, much faster and that means less time trying to recall or find passwords and more time for doing what makes you money – promotion.

3. If you are new to online marketing you need to understand that it is not enough to promote. You need a reliable method for tracking your ad results. In other words, if you post an ad, you want to know how many clicks you got on your ad. If you don’t know what kind of hit rate you are getting you have no idea of the effectiveness of your ad, or the advertising source.    These programs that allow you to do this are called Ad Tracker Software or Ad Analysis software.  Most are free or very low cost. You can get started with a free Webmaster Tools account from Google.  Some of the companies you advertise with may also offer you an ad tracking tool within their member area

4.  I talk to many new online marketers, and they will tell me they have some amazing product that will sell itself it is so good. This is absolute nonsense. ALL products, no matter how good they are, need to be promoted to sell.     If you want to make online sales you need to promote constantly.  Understand that PROMOTION is what drives sales – it is so important that 80 – 90% of your time in building your online business should be devoted to promotion. I don’t mean surfing, researching, or face booking and tweeting with your friends. I mean time spent actually posting ads online at classified ad sites, forums, blogs, safelists, traffic exchanges, pay per click, joint ventures, ad swaps, and email marketing. If you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer know that constant, consistent promotion is critical.  Some see this as a very boring part of being an online marketer, get over it, promotion is what you have to do to earn money.

5.  Don’t do this alone. Affiliate marketing can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing and not seeing any results for your efforts.  If you are determined to make money online, then invest in yourself, take a course, download eBooks, participate in a webinar, find a coach, training program or otherwise so you can learn the best methods.  My company offers online training, software, advertising and resources for people who want to learn how to earn at home.   Get a free Associate membership and get on your way to learning what works so you can join the growing ranks of people working from home and benefiting from affiliate marketing.


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Sandi Hunter has been an online marketer for nearly 20 years.  Sandi and her team at Worldprofit Inc.,  provide a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses.  Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Worldprofit Associate (Affiliate) Membership today.  Get a free copy of Sandi’s new book, "Internet Marketing for NEWBIES: The definitive guide to promoting your product or service online.”   http://www.internetmarketingcanada.net/

Review: Home Business Bootcamp Sept 7th, 2012 with George Kosch. Presented by the Home Business Experts at Worldprofit.com

George Kosch, Instructor for the Home Business Bootcamp Training kicked the LIVE program off promptly at 10 CT.

Participants were welcomed and invited to submit questions and comments throughout the training session.

George Kosch announced a very Special Event. Worldprofit’s Top Seller, Linda Elze will be LIVE on Saturday Sept 8th at 10 MT/11 CT /12 NOON ET.
Linda has earned the title of Sales Champion for 2010, 2011 and is on her way to 2012.
Linda will share her success secrets. No fluff. No hype. Just the real deal on what she does to earn consistent income from home using the Worldprofit earn at home training program. Listen and learn how to apply these skills and strategies to sell whatever you like, promote whatever you like.

Now back to the Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Training Topics covered in today’s session.

The E-Book Rebrander – another way of generating leads. Click to create your own Ebook. It’s that simple.
This tool is easy to use, and included in the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership. George demonstrated this tool and the power for lead generation.

The Money Maker’s Promo Kit – Worldprofit hand selects OTHER solid affiliate programs and posts them to the Money Maker’s Kit.
You keep 100% of the profits you make from sales of these.  The Money Makers Promo Kit is included in the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
This is in keeping with our practice of providing our Members with multiple sources of income from reputable sources.

George paused to emphasize a critical point. That is the the importance of understanding the ongoing theme we try to teach our Members.
The repetition of promoting Landing Pages, building your list, make offers. Market to safelists, exchanges, solo ads and more. This is the simple recipe for success. Convert your thinking from being the BUYER to the mentality of being a SELLER.   This is the value of the Money Maker’s Kit, you make money selling IT rather then BUYING it.    The more items you have to sell the better, therefore the value of building your list becomes critical.

Viral PLR – George demonstrated what it is.

I-Macros – how to use them in your marketing to save time.

Text Ads – yes they are fine – yes they work – just do the promotion!

Recommendation: Do Google searches for questions – quick, easy answers.

Resources referenced in this training segment.

One Click Marketing
Safelist Genie
E-Book Rebrander (in your Worldprofit Member area)
Money Makers Kit (in your Worldprofit Member area)
CB Maximizer (in your Worldprofit Members area)

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW Worldprofit Members:

If you are brand new to Worldprofit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you have been provided, or the various terms being use, we urge you watch the BASIC TRAINING VIDEO. The basic training video covers terms you should know, the basics of our program and what you need to focus on to get on track to making money online with the Worldprofit system. Find this video in your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then click on the link for the video that is marked as the MUST WATCH BEGINNER’S VIDEO. If you have any questions submit a Support form so we can also help you that way.

Thank you to each of you for participating in today’s LIVE interactive Home business bootcamp training. Attending the training, then actually DOING what is taught is the key to your success in building your online business and earning income. We had lots of questions today and we encourage this. The LIVE training is the perfect opportunity to tap into George Kosch’s expertise and get direct instant answers with on-screen demonstration as relevant. We also appreciate too how some Members were assisting other Members, this is the true spirit of Worldprofit’s home business community, people helping people.


Today’s LIVE home business training session with George Kosch ran for nearly 60 minutes. The first 45 minutes was recorded.

The recording of today’s session is here: http://worldprofit.ca/videos/worldprofit-home-business-bootcamp-camp-training-7-sep-2012/


Reminder to all Worldprofit Members, you can access 50+ training lessons with your Member area, self-paced and accompanied by screen captures, examples. Watch when convenient for you. The online training videos, screen captures and lesson plans are included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

NEXT Worldprofit Home Business Training Session: Friday September 14, 2012

About Worldprofit. Worldprofit is a home based training company providing tools, resources, software and LIVE and recorded training to help people earn money from home. Started on a kitchen table in 1994, Worldprofit now has over 1 million free Associate members. Find out how Worldprofit can help you make money from home from a number of reputable income sources.

Free Associate membership available at

Review: Home Business Bootcamp Aug 31, 2012 with George Kosch, presented by Worldprofit Inc.

George Kosch, Bootcamp Instuctor started the Aug 31, 2012 Home Business Training promptly at 10 AM CT (must be that military training and discipline).

George demonstrated the new FREE Software available at NO COST to ALL SILVER and PLATINUM VIP MEMBERS!

It’s called the VIDEO ARTICLE MAKER: Unleash Your Video Marketing Efforts to a NEW LEVEL. Create, Customize & Produce Video Articles Almost as Fast as You Can Read The Article!!

On screen George showed how to use this software, where to get it, and why you should to help with your search engine optimization and development of your online properties.

George reminded members that the PLR STORE in your Member area has over 215 valuable products that YOU get to download and use at no cost! Platinum VIP Members can also SELL these in their own PLR Store (that we provide) to earn 100% commission. Worldprofit buys the rights to software we think will benefit YOU and we also buy the resell rights too so our paid Members can access these products at no cost. You get them free as a Member of Worldprofit, if you weren’t a member you would have to buy these products. The value of all of these products in the PLR Store alone is well over $1200. We pay for them – YOU don’t!

George then went on to discuss:

WordPress Blogs
Worldprofit’s PreBuilt Blogs
The value of having more than one blog

Landing Pages
Lead Generation
Commissions ( how you earn in this program from multiple sources)

Sites referenced during today’s training.

http://www.Worldprofit.ca  (training videos galore)

Following the training and discussion aspect of the training, George encouraged questions from participants.

Training notes for those who are new Members at Worldprofit

Are you promoting the landing pages?
Are you using the ad examples?
The 1,000 Visitors training program – how to access
Members with questions or who need help are encouraged to submit a Support Ticket to get assistance.
Watch the video for BEGINNERS located in the TRAINING section of the Member area (TOP MENU).

Summary: The recording of today’s LIVE online home business training will be posted within 24 hours to the Worldprofit Member area. Members not able to attend the LIVE training are encouraged to watch the recording when convenient. Past sessions and key topic videos are located in the Member area under the TOP MENU under TRAINING section.
Next LIVE Training with George Kosch is Sept 7th at 10 AM CT. We hope to see YOU there.
Find out why Worldprofit is known as the Home Business Experts by people profiting from home around the world.  Get a free Associate Membership at http://www.WorldprofitAssociates.com