World Profit offers new service for ClickBank

ClickBank offers a marketplace of unique digital products you can promote to earn commission on sales.

It’s yet another source of income for you.

Some of our World Profit Members are already ClickBank Affiliates.
Those of you who aren’t might want to be. It’s free to join ClickBank as an Affiliate.
World Profit is a platform to help you earn from multiple sources using the power of World Profit’s membership tools and marketing system.

World Profit can help you make money with Clickbank.

World Profit has built and released a new CLICKBANK SUPER STORE.

Now you can have World Profit’s CLICKBANK SUPERSTORE installed in minutes on your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership site.


  • searchable
  • customizable
  • pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 ClickBank products
  • allows you to promote ClickBank products direct from your site
  • option to promote your entire store, OR, specific products, or categories with direct access links for your buyers
  • another way for you to earn more from the sale of ClickBank products.
  • easily installed with 1 click on your Silver or Platinum VIP site
  • enjoy the benefits of a professional URL within your domain name – Example
  • Worldprofit created this software so if you need any help you get support direct from our Support Team.
  • This CLICK BANK SUPER STORE built by Worldprofit REPLACES the old ClickBank Store.

It gets better!

We have INCLUDED the SALES Manager with the CLICKBANK SUPER STORE for a limited timeat no extra cost

The benefits the CLICKBANK Sales Manager gives you:

  • Instant access to the TOP PERFORMING products
  • Instant access to the TOP Selling 20 Products
  • Instant immediate access to the NEWEST product releases
  • Instant access to commission earnings by product / vendor
  • AUTOMATED product updates – approx 15 – 20 products / week – we do the update for you!
  • Search capabilities by Category, Product Popularity, Product Title, Description and more
  • Ability to add Individual products you select to your website or blog with 1 Click
  • Image thumbnails for you to to preview the products
  • Pre-integrated with both Website Management System and World Profit’s Lazy Blogger software for one click auto posting

PLUS! We AUTOMATICALLY include 4 random selected ClickBank products tagged to your World Profit ID sent out to our daily newsletter – that way Associates that YOU’VE referred will see these products and can order using your affiliate link. This is 100% automated. You don’t need to set this up.

Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit’s CLICKBANK Superstore:

Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit’s CLICKBANK Sale Manager:

Just how awesome is this?

With Worldprofit’s CLICKBANK Super Store you can promote nearly 10,000 Clickbank products and keep 100% of your earnings.
Act now and you get the SALES MANAGER included at NO EXTRA COST for a limited time.
Integrate both with your Worldprofit Marketing system included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership and you are set for sales!

In your Member area, on TOP MENU, click on CLICKBANK STORE follow the install directions for 1 click installation.

Thank you to Gerrie Jones for submitting a nice testimonial about Worldprofit’s Clickbank Super Store.

"I have added Clickbank Super Store to my Easy Street 101 website. I selected Health & Wellness and Weight Loss as the topics I wish to sell. I went to the first sales item called "Flat Belly Fix". I listened to the video and read the transcript and liked them very much. To verify the excellence of the product, I bought and paid for it. I also bookmarked each of the many pages in the sale. I will move on to more products but first I must add the Autoresponse System to my website. This is great fun. Much easier when I tried to do it in Clickbank University. As soon as I am finished with Clickbank I will go back to the Associates so that they can see the option to own there own Clickbank Store."

Gerrie Jones Facebook posting

Looking for even more ways to promote Clickbank products using World Profit Membership tools?

In your World Profit Member area under the CLICKBANK STORE section, you can also use these tools to promote your Clickbank business.

World Profit’s ClickBank Promo Kit – Valuable tool useful for promoting Clickbank products on your site, your newsletter to your prospect manager list
Worldprofit’s Clickbank PROMO KIT is included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

World Profit’s Link Cloaker / Masker included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

World Profit’s ClickBank Maximizer Autoresponse System
The Clickbank Maximizer is one of Worldprofit’s most popular software tools and a favorite among serious ClickBankers.
Watch the TOUR video for full details on the capabilities of this product.

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