Your Strategy vs The BIG EARNERS in Affiliate marketing. What they DO that you DON’T.

Affiliate marketing is something everyone can do.

In it’s simplest form affiliate marketing involves promoting special links for a company, when someone uses your link to make a purchase you earn a sales commission.


Some people earn no money, some will earn a little money, and a few people earn a lot doing affiliate marketing.

How much you make in the industry depends on if you go about it the wrong way or the right way.

Better said, there is a smarter way to go about it, so your business grows faster and more profitable over time.
The MORE ways you can promote the sales links, the more exposure you get and therefore the greater chance of making sales and earning commission.

The big earners in affiliate marketing, the people known as GURU’s know how and where to promote and importantly how to get the best results.
They use a systematic proven formula that you may not even be aware.

This story is about what THEY DO, and you DON’T that is costing you growth and sales.

What the BIG EARNERS do… (ask yourself if you you doing some, any or all of this?
If not this serves as your blueprint to get on the success track).

  • Start with a base for your online business, your own website, professionally hosted with a good domain name.
  • Gather your marketing materials, landing page, ad swipes, banners, links for your online properties.
  • Pick your favorite places to promote then STICK to a CONSISTENT posting schedule
  • ADD to your promotion every day / week to reach new markets. Avoid fishing in the same pond every day, find new lakes.
  • Set goals for list building, lead generation, sales goals, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Start building your own list and as that happens "borrow" other trusted lists by running solos or buying featured advertising
  • Blog(s), more then one on specific niches is recommended, as well as an Autopost system like Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger System
  • YouTube videos and Channel. Create your niche, build your brand, be the "expert" on something.
  • Social Media. Use automation when you can to post to multiple platforms at once for greater reach
  • SEO. Integrate data based on Google Analytics but don’t become obsessed with it.
  • Ebooks, write your own, or use rebranding services to save time.
  • Offers are the key to lead and list building and SALES, make yours standout.
  • Identify your Brand then work on recognition and building. Determine who you are, what you offer, and why people should get it from you, then DELIVER as promised
  • Do Reviews, written or video, either way integrate key words, solid quality content. Make sure you have a HOSTED blog so you are promoting yourself not someone else.
  • Customer Care, keep your customers happy and you will have a lifetime of potential business.
  • Avoid FREE for critical services – what happens to FREE services? Free services often disappear – and so does all your effort, content, and links.
  • Get some help to avoid frustration and costly mistakes by aligning yourself with the right people. Use a reliable source for organizing, managing and growing your business, a proven time tested system for marketing that includes training like the services at Worldprofit. Worldprofit has been the affiliate marketing industry leader for over 25 years, a one stop source for affiliate marketers with everything you need to start and grow your online business, a platform for your success.

Final words. Don’t listen to anyone telling you it’s EASY to make thousands, millions in affiliate marketing in a short period of time. Any business online (or off) requires learning, time, and consistent effort. Those so-called GURU’s making 6 figures in six weeks? Don’t fall for the pitch, they didn’t get rich overnight, and neither will you. Affiliate marketing is fun! Do a little or do a lot – but with the right attitude and system you can savor the rewards from your efforts for years to come – and hey – even if you don’t take it too seriously – it’s fantastic to work for yourself and enjoy the extra spending funds.

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