12 Sure Fire Ways to promote your Affiliate Program to generate traffic and increase your sales!

12 Sure Fire Ways  to promote your Affiliate Program to generate traffic and increase your sales!

Making money online means having in-demand products to sell and lots and lots reputable places and ways to advertise them.
Here’s our list of 12 highly recommended strategies and easy-to-use tools for promoting any and all your affiliate programs – find them ALL in your Worldprofit Member area!

1. We’ve got 20+ Traffic Streams. This is our hand-picked list of Safelists and Exchanges where you can get free or low cost advertising.
Find them in your Worldprofit Member area under the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section.

2.   Great Ad Sources
Here we provide you dozens and dozens of recommended places to advertise.
We’ve broken them down into 6 categories to make it easy for you to find what suits you best for posting your ads.
Solo Ad Directory/Safe-Swaps/Classified Ad Sites/Ezines/Ezine Directories/Forums   Find them in your Worldprofit Member area under the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section under GREAT AD SOURCES.

3. Solo Blaster
Take advantage of our Solo eMail Blaster Program powered by QuantumSafelist.com
Each month you get to send out 150,000 emails
Just activate your account and start blasting your ads.

4. ClickBank Promo Kit
If you are promoting ClickBank products, we’ve made it easy for you with the ClickBank Promo Kit.
We have hand selected several of the most popular and best-selling ClickBank products, provide you with the promotion materials, then all you do is click to start promoting.
Easy and a huge time saver. You don’t have to purchase the ClickBank products to promote it.

5. Money Makers Promo Kit

We’ve got 56 affiliate programs ready for you to start promoting. They are waiting for you in the Money Makers Promo Kit. Just sign up, enter your Affiliate ID, and then start posting the promotion ads we give you to your Prospect Emailer or your Newsletter, or anywhere else you want to promote.

6. Autoresponder
Platinum VIP Members get unlimited access to the Autoresponder System. It’s already pre-loaded with sequences. Watch the help video then get started. Super simple and effective.

7. Newsletter
We’ve created dozens of newsletter templates that you can use, or create your own. The key is to press send. Every time you send out your newsletter you have the potential to make sales. remember, we provide you with dozens and dozens of products and affiliate programs you can promote or promote your own. It’s your choice, but either way, email marketing is a powerful way to increase your traffic and your income.

8. Prospect Emailer
We teach you how to generate leads, we provide you with the tools to do so, AND we provide you with software to follow up! It’s called the Prospect Emailer. We provide you with templates you can send to your prospects, OR you can create your own custom messages, or just copy and paste your own affiliate marketing copy.    Making sales means staying in constant contact with your leads and sending out great offers, and product copy.  Making money online is all about having a great email list.

9. Worldprofit Marketplace

Promote your affiliate programs, one and all, in the Worldprofit Marketplace.  Free to join, earn ad credits for free ads, or consider paid low cost advertising options also available.

10.  SEOOptimizerPro.com

Generate traffic to your site by blasting your site address to over 700,000 search engines, classifieds, directories, and link sites. Get a free 7 day trial and be on your way to higher indexing at the major search engines like Google, and Bing as well as many small sites that still product backlinks and traffic.

11. Promo  Bots

You know you have to promote to make sales, but you also don’t have a huge amount of time to do so. Help is here! It’s called the Promo-Bot Center. It’s included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership. We demonstrate how easy this tool is to use in the brief video. Essentially all you do is pick the ad you want to promote then click on the Safelist or Exchange that you want to promote to. HUGE time saver.    Currently we have 12 Promo-Bots for single click promotion. Ultra-cool! One of our most popular tools.   Look for the Promo Bots on the TOP Menu of your Worldprofit Member area. 

12. Monthly Traffic Injections

One of the biggest benefits of being a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member is that each month we inject traffic into your member area. This injection consists of traffic credits, text ads, banner views and solo emails that you can use to promote ANY affiliate program, product, or services. Silver members get a basic traffic injection  each month, while Platinum VIP Members get the mother-load injection at 5 popular high traffic safelists .  Look in your Member area under the Advertising/Traffic section for all the traffic details.

–> Now remember, to make commissions from Worldprofit sales, follow the steps of George Kosch’s Home Business bootcamp training. Use the Ad examples we provide, and promote, Promote, Promote!   If you missed the LIVE training with George Kosch on Friday, we urge you to watch the RECORDED version posted on the TOP MENU under TRAINING. What we teach you can be used to promote Worldprofit services so you earn commission from sales, or for learning how to promote your own Affiliate programs. It’s win – win as you have resources for generating MULTIPLE streams of income. 


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