139 FREE Advertising Sites with an EXCLUSIVE Offer ONLY for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members

We know that January is a tight budget month for most.

So you will be happy to know about some new FREE ADVERTISING options!

In your Worldprofit Member area is a section called the PROMO CODE CENTER.

There we have listed a number of sites that offer EXCLUSIVELY to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members, TONS of free advertising.

That’s right free ad credits and free solo ad emailings.

It’s easy to take advantage of this. Just sign up for the sites you wish to join (no cost) then enter the PROMOTION CODE to claim your bonus credits and solo emails. That’s it!   

Currently we have over 139 free advertising sites listed where you can claim your freebies, so you have lots and lots of choices.

Just recently we added the following highly recommended sites.

Spellbound Adz
Friday Night List
Pinnacle Adz

So dig in and get started. You know how this works, the only way you are going to make money is by PROMOTING.

You’ve got all of these FREE advertising options in the Promo Code Center!
Look for this in your Member area, under TOP MENU (top line) select PROMO CODES   

You’ve got all the TIME-SAVING options in the PROMO-BOT section of your site to make things faster for you.
Look for this in your Member area, under TOP MENU (3rd line far right) select PROMO-BOTS.


If you have no time but a few extra bucks to budget for advertising then you also have the FASTTRACK ad co-op that Worldprofit operates. We buy the ads and you get the leads (Associates).  
Look for this in your Member area, under LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select FASTTRACK.  

Worldprofit Members are of this and more is located in your Member area. Login to access.

Not a Worldprofit Member? You can get a free Associate membership by going to http://www.WorldprofitAssociates.com

GVO added to Money Makers Promo Kit for benefit of Worldprofit Members.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch sent a message out to all Members recently  asking if many of you are involved with a program called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). The response was overwhelming, many of you are. So George has now integrated this program into the Money Makers section of your Worldprofit Member area. Thanks for your input on this, we listen and that George is SPEEDY!
This integration will make it easier for Worldprofit Members to promote not only GVO but the other programs integrated now as well.

With the addition of GVO, you now have 39 programs you can promote easily using the Money Makers Promo Kit.

How much to use this tool?? NOTHING! NADA. NO extra cost.

It’s included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership with Worldprofit. We continue to stack your Member area with good-for-you tools and resources to help you make money from home. That’s our ongoing goal.

Now here is how to access this newest free addition to your membership.

1. In your Worldprofit Member area on the left menu select MONEY MAKERS then select MONEY MAKERS PROMO KIT. There you will see GVO listed as #1, and 38 more programs are listed there as well.
2. BEFORE you start using this area we URGE you to watch the short screencast video by George Kosch that will show you how to profit using this amazing "Money Makers Promo Kit"!! You will find the video in the section mentioned above.


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