Think you are a Smart Marketer? Better read this.

So you think you know what you are doing when it comes to online marketing?

You consider yourself a smart marketer.

That means you must be doing a pretty good job of generating leads, building your list and branding yourself. Right?

Let’s look at a few simple things you can do to go from being a smart marketer to a brilliant marketer.

The BEST part ?

Most of these tactics can be accomplished using the tools and resources available at Worldprofit.

Brilliant Marketers get BRILLIANT results by doing this:

Every day, and every spare moment you have free, you work on your business and ways to:

Expand your marketing reach
Build your brand
Grow your email marketing list(s)
Generate more traffic
Increase your leads

Expanding your marketing reach:

1. Don’t fall into the trap of promoting to the same places every day.
Instead spend time finding new targeted sites for posting your ads.
If you currently promote to 5 places a day, try to increase that by 1 more place per day.
The more you promote the better but be sure you are using good quality sites that target your audience.

2. Ad Swaps, Solo Ads, Login Ads, Banner Ads are all great ways to market. Find sites you like that produce good results and invest some money in low cost paid ads. Make sure the ad copy you are using is benefit-laden and has a super offer to get ACTION.
In your Worldprofit Member area we recommend a number of trusted sites for promotion, but don’t limit your site to those.
Find your own, expand your reach, tap new markets.

3. Be sure you are tracking your clicks on your ad promotions. It’s pointless to promote and not know how many clicks you got from that effort. Track your advertising so you know exactly where you are getting the best results and importantly where you aren’t getting results.
Your Worldprofit Membership INCLUDES an Ad Tracker so you can analyze and track your clicks. Be sure to use your Ad Tracker so you are marketing intelligently not just blindly with hope in your heart.

4. Be wary of low cost, outrageous traffic claims, example $10 for a year of traffic. Or $47 for 1 million hits. All you will get is bots filling out your forms, recycled names and / or fake traffic. Total waste of money. Another reason to track your ads so you recognize legitimate traffic from fake traffic. Watch for red flags like identical IP addresses on the leads, similar name entry styles. If you are creating your own landing pages, use a Captcha to filter out the bots and make sure it’s humans completing your forms.
Your Worldprofit Membership INCLUDES an UNLIMITED use Landing Page Builder. Easily create as many gorgeous landing pages as you like for any and all your online programs. You can find the link to join under Advertising/Traffic – Website Management.

5.Safelists offer free ad credits or low cost advertising and are plentiful. Safelists are a terrific source of traffic for affiliate marketers. Make sure you are posting landing pages with a spectacular offer and lead form to generate leads. Offers are what converts lookers into an actual lead.
Worldprofit members get free ad credits at our own Safelists PLUS we give you free prom coded to access over 1 MILLION free ad credits using the Traffic Codex available in your Member area. You can find the link to join under Advertising/Traffic – Top Traffic Exchanges

Building your brand with Social Media:

Nobody loves you like you do. So it’s your job to brand yourself so others can know and love you too. This means getting a really good photo of yourself and including it with all your posts, on all your websites, on all your blogs, on all your social media campaigns. People do business with people, not artsy-fartsy avatars. Use a professional photo of your face looking right at the camera. We all want to know who we are doing business with, so your branding starts with a decent picture of your face. Look and be professional and business-worthy.

Branding is similar to leaving cookie crumbs in the house. Build a trail for people to find you. This means getting and maintaining the following accounts:

Linked In
Facebook (Creating a Personal page/ A Group/ A Fan Page

We have some resources to help you with Facebook Marketing. In your Member area on LEFT MENU select SOCIAL NETWORKING then select from 3 Facebook Courses. All 3 are included at no cost in your Worldprofit Membership.

Your own blog(s) – a domain based blog that you own, never a free one. (Free blogs can be REMOVED by the provider without notice and ALL your blogging and work is INSTANTLY gone forever).
If you would like a domain based blog, we can set one up for you for a one time set up cost. The hosting for your blog is included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership. You can find the link to get your own blog in your member aea on LEFT MENU under PLUGINS/BLOGS/CPANEL You have a choice of a Video Blog, or WordPress Blog, or our new Rocket Builder Blog.

While you are at it, take a look at Worldprofi’ts LAZY BLOGGER software that allows you to manage and post to MULTIPLE BLOGS with one click. Big time saver. No need to buy a program like Hoote Suite when Worldprofit provides you the Lazy Blogger at no cost as part of your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

If you have a specific skill or expertise, or craft, consider creating your own ebooks. It’s super easy to do with the right software (we offer our Members software for creating covers, banners, the ebook itself.) You can offer the ebooks free to brand yourself, as incentive giveways to earn a lead or a sale, or you can sell them on Amazon. We teach our Members how to do this in the online bootcamp training lessons and include the Ebook creation tools at no extra cost. You can find the Ebook creator tools including DIY Graphic Software on LEFT MENU under Article/Ebook Marketing.

Growing your email marketing list(s).

One of the most powerful and profitable ways to earn online is by growing your own email marketing lists. This is a list that you grow overtime, a list of people who have expressed an interest in your product or services or who have actually bought something from you. These are people who optin or subscribe (never bought or harvested). The products and services you offer may change over time but as long as you have an email marketing list you have a list of potential BUYERS. This is gold. Stay in touch with the people on your list by offering sales, deals, special offers, good information of value. You build trust, you stay connected, you keep YOU and your brand in their in-box.

Worldprofit’s landing pages can be integrated with 3rd party list tools like Aweber and Get Response.
Our lead forms all included opt in boxes to help you with list building.
Your Silver membership includes a Prospect Emailer and acess to your own Newsletter mailer.
Platinum VIP Members get these and ALSO get unlimited access to their own Autoresponder.

Generating more traffic and leads.

Traffic. It’s the oxygen of doing business online. We all want it. We all need it. It’s the drug we can’t get enough. Traffic brings leads. Leads bring sales. How do you get more? By doing any and all the things already mentioned AND by attending the LIVE bootcamp training each week with George Kosch. That is 100% of our focus in both the LIVE and online training – to provide you with a SYSTEM to help you generate traffic, leads and SALES. You actively work to grow your brand, to market, to network, to advertise to make offers, generate interest, get people to your site and to your landing pages and onto your email marketing list.

Want to make a sale? Promote? Want to make more sales? Promote more. Stick that on your computer. Better yet, stick it on your fridge. Everytime you are HUNGRY think PROMOTION. Be HUNGRY for Sales!

BRILLIANT successful marketers do these tasks every day or as often as they can. They promote to breathe LIFE into their business. They are hungry for leads because leads result in sales. They understand that a business only grows when continually watered, nurtured and fed. They learn how and where to market effectively by getting help in this process using a system that works. A proven system like the one developed over many years at Worldprofit. A comprehensive training system that teaches you the marketing skills required to achieve your goals for growing your successful online business.

See you at Worldprofit’s next bootcamp training with George Kosch right?
George Kosch is your personal coach every Friday morning at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Of course we will!

You are a smart marketer learning to be a BRILLIANT marketer with the help of Worldprofit’s earn at home training system.

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