Want to be a successful online marketer? LANCE SUMNER shares what works for him and work for you too! “Patience with Persistence Leads to Prosperity”

Lance Sumner, Entrepreneur
Lance Sumner, Entrepreneur

So you want to be a Top Seller and make consistent income working from home? 
What better way to achieve your goal than by learning from those who have already achieved online success! Read this revealing interview with Lance Sumner about what he does to build his own profitable online business.

Interview with Worldprofit Top Seller Lance Sumner

Question:  Lance, how long have you been an online marketer, or working to build your own online business?
Answer: Since 2008

Question: Lance, can you tell us how much time you spend promoting to build your business? Answer: 2 Hours per night during the weekdays and about 5 hours on weekends.

Question: Lance, what kind of promotion do you do? Free? Paid? Both?

Answer: It is a mix of advertising using Free and Paid. I find that using Paid with good Landing/Capture pages brings in many optins and assists in building your list which in turn gives ability to increase your profits.

Question: Lance, which Worldprofit services do you find the most useful in building your online business?

Answer: Two important services to me. 1) The Advertising area where Ads are already created with capture pages provided by the Worldprofit Team. These are tested and proven bringing others into my business. 2) Senior Monitors are the Life-Line and like Gold, they handle everything related to my Worldprofit business, providing the details to the interested party, and then bring them on-board as a partner in my business which in turn increases the monthly growing income.

Question: Lance, what advise or suggestions do you have for someone very new to Worldprofit who is eager to build their online business?
Answer: Don’t RUSH is the number one thing. Exercise patience as you follow our Home-Business Bootcamp directions exactly and you will start making money online and develop in your skills. “Patience with Persistence Leads to Prosperity”

Question: Lance is there anything else you would like to add that would help people understand what IS possible within Worldprofit’s earn-at-home training program?

Worldprofit has been a Blessing to Myself and Family and truly is an amazing opportunity with everything you need to get started making money. The Top-Notch Tools, Training, Support, and Live Monitors who close your Deals for you are “Priceless”.

Lance Sumner
Worldprofit Dealer
Entrepreneur, Marketer

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