What Kind of Online Marketer are you? A Dabbler or a Doer? Your Answer Matters and predicts your level of online success.


By Sandi Hunter

Every day I talk to people who are trying to earn an honest buck in an online business. These are average people who come from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe.  The common goal they share is the desire to earn money online in any number of online affiliate or reseller type programs. Although the goal is the same, the approach to making this happen is always different and so too are the results. I have outlined here the marketing approaches that I observe everyday, the ones that are effective and the ones that aren’t. See if you recognize yourself in any of these examples.

The Dabbler.

The Dabbler’s marketing approach involves putting a little bit of effort into this and a little bit of effort into that. This type of marketer will post a few blogs, send a few tweets, join a safelist or two and participate in a handful of traffic exchanges. This person has a basic understanding of what is required to market their online business. The problem is they simply won’t commit to rolling up their sleeves, digging in and doing what is necessary to consistently promote and build results. They are too busy talking about it, planning it, and getting organized.  The Dabbler sometimes doubles as an excuse-machine. They readily offer up reasons for not having completed the necessary tasks to build their business. Or, they easily assign blame to others for their lack of success. It has always puzzled me how it is so easy to find reasons for not being successful.  What about all the reasons why you CAN be successful?   The Internet offers burgeoning earning opportunities!

The Learner.

This type of marketer is a professional online student. They read continuously, watch videos, sign up for everything to get even more details and more help. They are so busy learning, and soaking up knowledge they never actually DO anything or apply what they learn. They are never ready to START applying what they have learned. They want to study more, take it all in, buy more books, take more courses.  The Internet itself, and marketing strategies are constantly evolving. You will never know every last detail about marketing and when you think you are getting close, technology will change again. Stop with the learning and start with the doing!  Everyday you focus ONLY on learning, is another day you have not made a dime. Dive in, get wet, start promoting your business, products and services – now – RIGHT NOW! Yes, there is much to learn about online marketing, never stop learning but be sure to never stop MARKETING.

The Sweat and Tears Syndrome

This marketer is the saddest one of all.  They promote with a frenzied intensity in short bursts spending hours in all the wrong places, promoting all the wrong things. They furiously tap away for hours at their keyboard “working their business”  late into the night for 2, 3 days, maybe a week or more.   Their blog is bursting with good key word content, they’ve tweeted like a mad person,  they’ve bought leads with great promises from a sketchy vendor that seemed to good to be true.  Exhausted, they pause and wait for the results.  When they don’t get instant results, the sweat turns to tears.   Frustrated they swear, stomp, tantrum and move on to the next greatest online money-making program ever – that is in pre-launch! The insanity begins again. This type of marketer has no patience, and leaps from one program to another, with no loyalty or commitment.

The Doer

The DOER is the marketer that SUCCEEDS!  The DOER is the one who doesn’t get caught up in all the details. The DOER is a courageous beast. They blunder, make mistakes, but carry on.  They understand the sheer power of the web to market products to the world and to profit from their labour.  They understand that with the right products and tools they can sell anything!  The web is fat with buyers.    DOERS understand that you MUST have patience, and MUST work a business constantly, knowing this means consistent promotion every day. DOERS accept that there will be frustrating times, failures, and obstacles on the path to success.   The DOERS I know, aren’t always the people you might expect. Many of the DOERS I know are average people, with very little sales or technical background.  Their gift is that they are not afraid to try, they don’t give up, they dig in and work hard.  There are DOERS all over the world right now marketing their products, services, and affiliate programs in all corners of the web, turning a profit each and every day. This type of marketer has tapped into the right resources, training and tools, applies them consistently, setting realistic goals carrying a positive attitude.

Here is my advise to you as an online marketer on your way to success.

Every single day when you wake up, set a goal for yourself. Make your goal realistic and measurable.  Post your goal on your computer, date it.

Initially your goal may be to simply find 5 great places to promote your business. Then your goal may evolve into actually posting your ads, product, service or opportunity to  5,  then 10, 20+ sites each day.  Once the promotion is is place, set goals for the number of sales each day.

As your business grows never lose your focus on that goal.  Don’t get distracted.  Remember, at the end of the day you want to actually have made money!  Tweeting, face booking, article submissions, and blogging HELP your business grow but are not direct profits in your pocket.  Yes, promotion, networking and Search Engine positioning is important and you should work at this but it takes time to do this. Do not let these activities overwhelm you to the point where you forget to make money!  Keep your eye on the prize.

Set a goal for a minimum earnings per day. Start off realistic. If you don’t make that amount today, set a new goal for tomorrow.  When you start making money, adjust your daily goals accordingly.   For those of you who are new to online marketing you CAN make money every single day provided you have the proper tools and resources to do so and of course great products and services to promote.  Just make sure you are the DOER described in this article.

I close with a quote from one of my favourite DOERS, Ray Kroc, McDonald’s Corporation. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”

About The Author:

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. For over 20 years now, Worldprofit has taught people how to earn from legitimate online sources. Get a free Worldprofit associate membership – we can help you learn what to do to earn consistent income from home using proven effective strategies and reputable earn online programs.