Worldprofit Commissions…


Worldprofit Member commissions went out this morning!

Many of our Members had a terrific month, a personal best, or a first-time ever sale! Applause!

Congratulations… if you made your first sale!
Now go repeat what you did to make MORE!

Congratulations… if you earned a new sales Volume BONUS!

Congratulations… if you’re a MONITOR and closed sales for OTHER members to earn a CASH bonus!

Congratulations… if you had a personal sales best – this month.
Keep on doing what you did to make next month even better!

Congratulations… if your name was on the TOP SELLER’s list!
You are proving that consistent promotion pays off.

Now if you are a new Worldprofit Member and have not yet made sales here’s what to do.

1. Login to your Worldprofit Member area and start or continue with your bootcamp lessons.
On the TOP MENU select TRAINING.

2. Set time aside each day (if you can) to do your promotion.
The only way you will get sales is to promote.
We teach you how to do this in the training and provide all the resources to use.

3. If you need help, ASK!
Your Worldprofit Support Team is here 7 days a week standing by to help you.
Simply submit a Support form. The link is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT.

NEXT LIVE training session is Friday March 20th, 2015.
If you cannot attend the LVIE sessions please wattch the recorded version when convenient for you.