Worldprofit Customer Review

Thank you to Jesse Josserand for making our day by sharing his positive experience with Worldprofit’s earn at home training program!

I’ve been with Worldprofit almost 2 years. Shortly after joining, I became a platinum member, got a wonderful website with that package, and was in business! However,…
… about 3 months into it, I got a job with a company that does online e-commerce sales of name-brand, manufactured athletic apparel (shoes, mostly – guess who). Due to the conflict of interest clause in that contract, I could not work on my Worldprofit nor any other websites involved in e-commerce, except theirs for 1.5 years while I was there. Nevertheless, when that contract ended, I just happened to check my paypal account (which I had also not been using all that time) and found I’d made over $400 DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That’s how good Worldprofit works! Join NOW, you will not regret it! Furthermore, I will add that, while I’ve been in internet marketing since 1998, I’ve spent over $20,000 on one opportunity after another and bought two “1-on-1 Coaching/Training” packages with a couple of those opps, and it was ALL wasted money! ONLY Worldprofit offers you 24/7/365 LIVE people, provides email and support with relatively instantaneous responses, whereas most of the opps I’d previously purchased could not even be reached by such means. I can assure you… THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG… that is, if you’re really serious about wanting an online business of your own that actually works and makes money!”

Jesse Josserand – Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member


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