Worldprofit Inc., announces overhaul of Home Business Bootcamp Training

Over thirteen years ago, in 1998, Worldprofit started the first online Home Business Bootcamp Training.

At the time, Worldprofit’s program was the only one available online. It was (and still is) unique in that, on completing the training, Members graduated as a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC). With additional qualifications, Members could go on to earn the designation of Worldprofit Certified Master E-Business Consultant (MCEC). Today, Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp continues to be the only online program providing the kind of precise, detailed hands on training, and support needed to build a successful online business. What has made the training so unique is that it’s not text book instruction and theory, it’s all based on actual real world application.  The training is a result of years of combined hands-on direct experience by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, two original co-founders of Worldprofit since 1994.   The training experience is real, the training is LIVE, the people are real, helping each other in an online home business community.

As those in the tech industry knows, you can never stop creating, building, updating, advancing and so, today, George Kosch, co-founder and Instructor for Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp announced a major overhaul to the program.

Here’s what George had to say, “Over the years, we’ve added modules to the training, updated the levels, and integrated new technologies and new software as required.  Each week I was trying to cram into the LIVE training as much information as possible. I tried offering a Beginners Session and  Advanced sessions but there is so much information to cover, and things change so quickly, it was becoming disorganized.  We have added so many more products, services and software over the years to keep the program current, that we outgrew the original 8 training levels. So we decided to completely restructure the Bootcamp Training from start to finish to incorporate more training, more resources, more videos, and more levels to meet the varying needs and experience of our growing Membership.

To summarize here is what Worldprofit has done:

-Expanded 8 Training Levels to 30+
-Members can progress at a learning speed comfortable and convenient for them.
-Continuation of the designations of CEC, and MCEC for Graduates of the training.
-Integration of even more tested proven marketing strategies.
-Addition of even more video resources and in-depth training on specific products and resources.
-Creation of bite-size learning modules for greater understanding.
-Addition of more advanced concepts for more experienced marketers
-Continuation of LIVE training each week as an adjunct to the training levels and for Interactivity/Q and A’s  with Members
-Learning modules to accommodate the needs of Members with very basic or very advanced understanding
-Continuation of Report Cards for purpose of monitoring individual Member progress.
-Improved organization of topics, modules, videos and training aids.

The restructured bootcamp will incorporate 30 levels with the goal of explaining and demonstrating the 100+ tools, software and services available exclusively to Worldprofit Members.

Sandi Hunter, Worldprofit co-founder added this. “One of our goals in restructuring the Bootcamp Training program was to make it easier for Members to learn and progress through the levels.  For those who have no business or sales experience, they can be overwhelmed by what is required to build an online business.  The new bootcamp training will be more focused, more detailed and more organized to help our Members zero in on the most critical steps for getting started and into profit.   Worldprofit’s program is about helping people learn to earn online. The faster we can get people into the training, progressing through the training, and making sales the happier they will be. By adding more levels, we will more easily be able to assess a Member’s level of understanding, and then efficiently diagnose where they need extra help or direction.  In the 17+ years we have been doing this business, we understand well how frustrating technology can be. Our goal is to simplify our training, so that Members get valuable current information, products and services, tools and resources they can realistically use to build a successful online business.  With well over 1 million Members, and tough economic times, the message is clear. People want to take charge of their lives and earn from home. It’s our commitment at Worldprofit, to keep working hard to provide the tools, training and support to help them do so.”

For details, Worldprofit Members can attend the next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training Session on Nov 4, 2011 at 10 AM CT.

For information on Worldprofit’s Home Business Training Programs, go to for a free Associate Membership.