Worldprofit Inc., releases new Traffic Plugins for Members

This month, Worldprofit Inc., released the latest of it’s new Traffic Generating Plugins for the benefit of it’s Membership in keeping with the company’s 2010 expansion plans.

George Kosch, Director of Technology and Software Engineer at Worldprofit had this to say about the release. “We are excited about being able to offer our Members more options. Today online marketing involves far more than having a website. Marketers have extensive online competition and must constantly be marketing their brand, products and services using whatever media is popular and effective. They also have access to far more tools than they used to for the purpose of promoting a site or business with a small advertising budget. We’ve all seen the phenomenal growth of Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and other social networking sites but most online marketers don’t know how to use these tools to market effectively to specific niche markets. As a company that is always on the look out for trends and tools to help our home business owners, at Worldprofit we introduced a number of new services for our members. We call them “Plugins” because we simply plug them into the customer’s domain site. Specifically, our Members now can have blogs, article directories, classified ads, community sharing sites, Twitter aps, FaceBook aps, and other tools integrated within their own domains. Blogs and other promotion tools have been available free but the problem is that you are promoting the provider’s business when you use these free services. You are also vulnerable should they for any reason they like simply discontinue or shut off the service. When we plugin our new options, we do so directly on the customer’s domain site. They get the benefit of promoting themselves everytime they use them and as a paid service don’t have the fear of having it shut off without warning.”

George continued, “We know that having access to the right tools is just half of what the online marketer needs, they also need to know how to use them for marketing purposes. To this end, we’ve also updated our popular Home Business Bootcamp Training program. Our goal is to deliver to our members the right tools and software then train them to use them to build their online home business using popular and current strategies. People thought blog sites would disappear, they haven’t they are more popular than ever and are very powerful for promotion purposes – especially for the no or low cost advertiser. We show our Members how to use tools like blogs and other popular media to better search engine ranking, branding, build income streams and more.”

Sandi Hunter, Director of Website Development at Worldprofit added these comments. “Our members are responding favorably to these Plugins and quickly getting them added to their domain sites. The timing is perfect too, in light of Google’s recent changes to how they index web content. Google is putting important weight and ‘drill down searches’ on all things related to key words and businesses not just web sites. Google is also indexing Twitter Tweets, Blogs, Social Networking Posts, Images, Books, Video, News Feeds, Articles and more. What this means for the website or business owner is simple. You MUST get out there and use these tools to control the content being indexed for your products and service and to get as many search matches as you can. People need to know that there are lots of ways to promote a business free or at very little cost using the resources we teach our Members. Long gone are the days that the only way to get high ranking with Google and other search engines was to pay for ads. We think the growth of all these people-driven resources is a huge score for anyone working from home to make extra money who don’t have large corporate advertising budgets.”

Worldprofit Inc., is a Canadian company, started on a kitchen table in 1994. Today, Worldprofit is one of the largest online providers of web-based services for people working from home. Services include website hosting, website development, Reseller opportunities, and extensive resources and training for online marketing. People around the world refer to Worldprofit as trusted home business experts.

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