Worldprofit Integrates AWebber and Get Response

If you’ve been paying attention during Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training you know that the secret to making online sales is having access to good quality large lists. If it’s your OWN list even better! The bigger your list the more prospective buyers you have and the more leverage power you have for ad-swaps! Super Affiliates have huge and responsive lists that deliver sales but you must know what you are doing in order to comply with anti-spam regulations.

To make it EASIER for you to GROW your own email marketing list – effectively and legitimately – we have done something for Worldprofit Members that you’re going to be excited about.
AWebber and Get Response are TWO excellent email marketing service providers that Worldprofit has been recommending for some time. NOW we have made it easier for our Members to build your lists by integrating these two companies into what we offer Worldprofit Members.
Now when you sign up Worldprofit Associates using the Landing Pages you can also EASILY increase your sign ups for your AWebber and / or Get Response lists. You are accomplishing TWO important money-making tasks – signing up Associates AND at the same time building your email marketing lists! Remember, at Worldprofit we are teaching you YOU how to earn from multiple streams of income, and GROWING your email marketing list helps you do this. The bigger your list the more prospective buyers you have for whatever you are selling.

If you have an account in Awebber and / or Get Response here are the advantages that Worldprofit Members enjoy with this new enhancement.
– If you have an AWebber account and/ or a Get Response you can ADD signs ups to your Landing Pages – it’s EASY! – Both companies have extremely high delivery rates – AWESOME! – Your marketing efforts are instantly far more powerful because when you promote your Landing Page(s) you give prospects the option to signup on to your other lists too!
If you don’t currently have account(s) at Awebber or Get Response, don’t worry you can still sign up and get started using this new Worldprofit integration to the Landing Pages.
What you should do now:

Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch has created a brief HOW-TO Training Video to provide you with all the details so YOU can benefit from this NOW. Watch this video then you can get started. Access the video and get more details in your Worldprofit Member area under the LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select AD EXAMPLES.

We encourage you to ALSO attend the Feb 24th, 2012 Bootcamp Training at 10 AM CT as George Kosch will be discussing this and helping you understand the power of lists and this new feature. As always if Members have any questions about this new feature, simply submit a Support Request Form so our Support Team can provide you with assistance.
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