Worldprofit Ranks in Top 10 Home Business Opportunities as Reported at Alexa

This week, advanced to # 9 in the TOP 10 Home Business Opportunities as ranked by web demographics company

Says Sandi Hunter, Worldprofit Co-Founder, “We are delighted to be ranked in the Top 10 of reputable home business opportunies. To be a 15 year old web-based company and be ranked among veterans like Amway and Usana is quite an honour.”

When asked how the company believes they earned this achievement, Worldprofit Co-founder George Kosch responded, “With a lot of hard work, by listening to our customers, and by responding immediately to advances in technology. As a small company we can respond to industry changes quickly. We can only stay ahead by being on top of things so we can put in the hands of our customers the tools, products and services they can use to build a successful home business. We can’t just say to our Members ‘go do this’ we have to test strategies to make sure they work before we offer them to our Members. When we get results and are happy with those results we then offer our marketing and sales techniques to our Members. Now that we have surpassed over 500,000 Members, we have a continuous challenge and responsibility to meet the needs of those Members.”

Sandi Hunter continued by adding, “The downturn in the economy has meant that people have had to look hard and work hard to find reputable ways to make money from home and the Internet offers that. Where Worldprofit comes in is by helping people to find the right products that they can sell, then help them sell them online by providing the training, tools and resources. Just this last year, Worldprofit partnered with a number of companies so we could expand our line of marketable services to our customers. We wanted to find as many ways we could to help our Members profit from home. We did the research so they didn’t have to, then provided the products, the tools and resources we continually test and improve upon. For years now Worldprofit has offered a graduated bootcamp learning program which allows Members earn the designation of Worldprofit Certified EBusiness Consultant. It has only been in this last year though that we have seen so much interest in this program. We think partly because of the economy, and partly because Worldprofit has earned a solid reputation of having been around for over 15 years and is an industry leader in providing web-based tools and specialized marketing training.”

Interested parties can review Worldprofit’s Top 10 Ranking at Alexa below:

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